Who is Baby Gloria?
Who is Baby Gloria?

Who is Baby Gloria? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, husband, songs, age, education and background of Gloria Mulungi Senyonjo.

Baby Gloria is a young talented gospel artist who started singing at the age of two and a half years with her first single mummy in 2005. 

Gloria’s mother is Betty Nakibuka who is a veteran gospel artist and her classics rocked Uganda’s airwaves in the 2000s and the outstanding one being called Gwe luyimba lwange. 

Gloria does various music styles which include RnB, reggae, soul music, reggae music and much more music.  

Baby Gloria has also received various endorsements from companies such as Movit and after receiving this endorsement she recorded a jingle that was promoting Movit which still sounds fresh and being used by Movit in promotion of its products.

Early life and education

Gloria Mulungi Senyonjo alias Baby Gloria was born in 2001 and she comes from the family of Mr John Senyonjo who doubles as the manager of both Gloria and Nakibuka and Mrs Senyonjo who is also known by Betty Nakibuka as her stage name.  

Baby Gloria’s mother is also a veteran gospel artist and is well known for her hit single Gwe Luyimba lwange that rocked Uganda in the 2000s and still sounds fresh in the music ears. 

Gloria is the third born of the children of Mr and Mrs Senyonjo and she went to Sir Apollo Kaggwa primary school Mengo and she later joined Life international school where she is pursuing her studies. 

Baby Gloria comes from a Christian family and she prays from Omega healing church where Pastor Kyazze is the head pastor and she features as a church choir member plus being a member of blaze choir under blaze ministry. 

Betty Nakibuka says she has managed to handle the popularity of her daughter by making sure she interacts with other children so that she is not isolated as a celebrity and she also encourages her to act like any other child and not with an air of pride that celebrities like carrying themselves around with. 

Nakibuka says in case she misbehaves she applies a whip on her sometimes because she treats her like any other child. Betty says if she doesn’t use a whip she will be spoiling her and yet she wants to instil good values of respect, trust and obedience in her.

baby gloria stage biography
She started singing at the age of two years.

Music career

Baby Gloria started singing at the age of two years and a half and according to her mum Gloria decided on her own but she wasn’t influenced by her mum. 

In 2005 she was taken to a studio by her mum and she released her first single Mummy at her tender age and this showed how talented she was in terms of her vocal ability and performance. 

In the same year, she released another song which sounded more of a nursery rhyme and was called sisobola kukyawa. This introduced her officially to the public and music industry at large. 

While speaking to Gospel music promoters Baby Gloria said she derives her inspiration from international gospel artists such as Jamie Grave, Brit Nicole, Lecrae, among others. 

Baby Gloria is also a member of Omega healing church in Namasuba, Wakiso district where the lead pastor is Kyazze. She is also a member of the church choir under Blaze ministry.

In her elementary studies, she held a concert at her school, Sir. Apollo Kaggwa and through this concert she managed to provide charity to the unprivileged children in Luzira and the next successful concert was held at Uganda National museum in 2011. 

She was at the age of 14 and this was her first concert in her career. She performed alongside other gospel artists such as Ruyonga and Levixone. She performed songs such as talanta, mummy, okusabaa, God will, sisobola kukyawa and many more. 

This was more of charity a concert and the money she got from the concert was used in helping the needy children.

At the age of 14 years, Baby Gloria had collaborated with a big artist in the gospel music industry like DNA featuring Ruyonga and save a life featuring Levixone but to mention a few. In all these songs Baby Gloria derivers her music maturely and on a world standard. 

Baby Gloria is a complete musician she is a guitarist, dancer, performer and a commercial brand ambassador of the Movit products. In 2020 she among the official hosts of the MTN pulse awards that were held virtually.

Baby Gloria is also the brand ambassador of Movit Company and she got this endorsement at a tender age up to now she still holds that position. 

She recorded a commercial jingle promoting Movit and its products which is still played almost on all media houses in Uganda. 

This has been a milestone and people say she has made a lot of money from this endorsement and its inspiring more companies to come and sign her because of the following and inspirational music especially to the young population.

Personal life

According to her mum, Betty Nakibuka says that Baby Gloria wakes up at around 7:00 am and she helps the housemaid with doing some domestic work and after the domestic work she does some academics before staring her vocal rehearsals with the help of her mum.



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charity organization called Gloria Hearts
She runs a charity organization called Gloria Hearts which helps the less privileged children.

Baby Gloria’s Songs

  • Mummy, 2005
  • Sisobola kukyawa, 2005
  • Mbu ndi lubuto, 2015
  • Okusaba, 2016
  • DNA, 2015
  • God win
  • Remote control
  • Talanta
  • I will never forsake you
  • Luyimba lwo
  • Mujje tusanyuke, 2016
  • Daddy wange
  • Church swag
  • Happy birthday
  •  Save a life featuring Levixone
  • I have a friend
  • Mwooyo wange
  • Nazukuse nga nyimbya
  • Ooh holy night


Baby Gloria runs a charity organization called Gloria Hearts which helps the less privileged children and she launched the charity organization in 2016 and she says it’s moving on smoothly according to her.


At her tender age news started making round on social that she was pregnant and that she had once aborted. 

This rumour affected Gloria and she decided to make a song called mbu ndi lubuto in which she explains and talks about the rumour. She later came out and refuted the claims saying these claims weren’t true.