Who is Balaam Barugahara?
Who is Balaam Barugahara?

Who is Balaam Barugahara? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, age, tribe, wife, education and family of Uganda leading events promoter and organizer.

Balaam Barugahara commonly known as Balaam is a Ugandan businessman, entrepreneur, events promoter and organizer and also founder of a radio station known as Radio 4. 

Balaam is a strong supporter of the NRM regime and has always been criticized for what he always says and he has been accused of being a middle agent who links the NRM government with those musicians willing to join the regime. 

He also has various business investments in south Sudan which include a radio station, property management and a water company.

Barugahara has promoted several concerts but of late is more into NRM events.

Early life and education 

Balaam Barugahara commonly known as Balaam was born on 28th July 1979 in Mbarara hospital but he is a Munyoro by the tribe.  

He comes from the family of the late Akiiki Byenkya Balaam who is the father and he passed away in 1991 when Balaam was still a young boy. 

Balaam attended Namasagali secondary school, he attended St John Bosco and also joined Progressive in Bweyogerere currently is in Kasana Luweero. 

After secondary, he joined Makerere Business School in 2001 and pursued a diploma in marketing but he has not contented and he decided to join Makerere University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in BBA still in marketing and this was in 2007. 

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He later went back and pursued a Masters degree still in marketing graduating in 2009. Balaam has eight siblings and he is the fifth child although his late father gave birth to 14 children. Balaam comes from a humble background and he says his mother was distilling local waragi to raise money to pay school fees for her children.  

His education journey was based on scholarship and this was because he was very intelligent when it came to books.

balaam radio station radio 4
Currently, he has a radio station called Radio 4 which he opened to promote Ugandan music.

Work experience 

#Business experience

Balaam says his love for business and marketing started when he was still a young boy and he recalls selling sweet bananas to fellow kids while still in primary. 

During his senior six at Progressive, he opened up a canteen at school at Progressive. He got another business idea and he started selling soda to fans that could come for motor rallies in Bweyogerere. 

He could do the same for football matches and during his senior six vacations he looked for vigils of rich people that had lost loved ones and he could use this moment to supply and sell refreshments. 

Still in his senior six Balaam opened up a retail shop in Kisasi which was selling drinks and posho and sugar. When the business expanded he opened up another branch in Kisasi and that wasn’t enough he went ahead and asked for distribution of coca-cola from the company and he became the official distributor of coca-cola in Kampala. 

When he joined campus he tried his luck by going to south Sudan which was still politically unstable and he started selling beer in Sudan. 

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Balaam says the market was still virgin and he made a lot of money in Sudan and because of this kind market in Sudan he decided to open up a water company that was selling distilled water and he also opened up a first private radio station that he called radio one.

Balaam also opened up commercial construction which also gave him a lot of money. Currently, he has a radio station called Radio 4 which he opened to promote Ugandan music.

#Events promotion 

Balaam Barugahara started the business of promoting events while at the campus and this was when he meant Abitex who had organized a kadongo Kamu event at Nakivubo. 

He allowed him to sell soda in the show but unfortunately, another person called Semujju came and confiscated his drinks and this annoyed Balaam and when the show ended he decided to enter the business of promoting events and this was out of frustration he had faced. 

When he went back he started organizing events within the campus and he organized Miss University and the buzzers within the campus. After campus, he started organizing small outside shows in the outskirts of the city. 

His first big show was the bada concert which was located at the equatorial hotel and was a big sell out since then he has never looked back.


Balaam Barugahara is not a married man but unfortunately, he lost his only biological child to cancer after a long battle. He says he had invested a lot of money to save the health but it wasn’t successful.

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Charity work 

Balaam has been involved in a lot of charity work and he is currently building a home for the mentally disabled children and he has helped a lot of music artists that need help.


Balaam loves swimming and he spent his entire life in secondary as a swimmer.

balaam barugahara-with-nrm leader Museveni
Balaam is a strong supporter of the NRM regime and has always been criticized for what he always says and he has been accused of being a middle agent.


Balaam Barugahara has always been in a verbal exchange with other event promoters and to specific Abitex and Bajjo. 

Their exchange started with their political afflictions since Abitex and Bajjo were strong supporters of the people power movement while Balaam was a strong supporter of the NRM regime. 

Abitex started accusing Balaam of being a traitor and working for the regime to oppress other promoters in the business which Balaam refuted saying that Abitex is just a disorganized promoter who accuses the state of his failures.

Questions have been asked why Balaam Barugahara puts on only two t-shirts and to specific are blue and orange and he says this is his identity but it leaves some people around him uncomfortable with his wear.

He attended the introduction of comedian Salvador in Mitiyana still in a t-shirt and this left most of the people around him asking questions why he didn’t look for any cultural wear that could fit the introduction ceremony.

Being an NRM activist and supporter he was invited at a political talk show called Barometer on NBS TV and he made news when Betty Nambooze attacked him and referred to him as a useful idiot because he was working for the regime that is oppressing Ugandans.