Police finds evidence on Bank of Uganda extra cargo
Police finds evidence on Bank of Uganda extra cargo. File Photo

Police have retrieved evidence showing the participation of officials at the Bank of Uganda (BoU) in the currency heist saga.

Police say they retrieved documents that suggest printing unauthorized surplus currency notes during the procedure they performed in the houses of six senior authorities whose names were unknown.

According to police they are carrying out investigations into the alleged printing of unauthorised extra currency by some senior Bank of Uganda officials on spotlight.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga says the officials are under detention as investigations proceed.

The searches were done in the homes of the officials and a number of documents were recovered. With time, we shall get how much was involved, how much (money) has been recovered, what was genuine (currency), and what was unofficial, but genuine money.

Enanga observed

State Anti-Corruption Unit and Police detained several BoU officials in charge of currency, procurement and security on Wednesday, including customs department officials, airport police officers and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) employees to assist investigations.

Enanga says they will find out in this investigation process whether the appropriate guidelines for printing money have been correctly observed.

He also said the investigating team will analyze the serial numbers printed on the currency that BoU now holds to determine whether they are genuine or forged but informally printed.

Bank of Uganda spokesperson, Ms Charity Mugumya yesterday said that money printing is strictly regulated internationally and it’s had for a person to defy.

Lt Col Edith Nakalema, head of the anti-corruption unit of the State House yesterday, distanced herself from commenting on the matter, stating that she had already handed the matter over to the police for further investigation.

In Nakalema’s Sunday statement, she said preliminary findings showed no extra money airlifted to Uganda as earlier reported.

Initially, it was reported that 90 billion Shillings extra money were recovered on the cargo plane that delivered BoU cargo belonging to some Bank of Uganda officials in April 2019.

I am not seeing BoU free, but they gave us a kick-start to investigate and we are discovering new things. We have not recovered any money and it was not our question because BoU received the 20 pallets expected but we are investigating how the extra five pallets came on board.

Nakalema stated

Additionally, Nakalema said that “We are informed that the plane did not carry people but we want to find out who cleared the cargo.”

According to Nakalema, the extra five pallets on the plane did not contain money but gave no explanation what really existed in those pallets.