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The bars and night clubs in Kampala are what make Kampala the city that never sleeps. After a long day of work, taking a break and unwinding in Kampala is one of the best things to do.

Ugandans are particularly skilled at socializing, especially at night when they party until the break of dawn. You can find some of the top bars and nightclubs in the city in this article.

Club Guvnor Uganda

Club Guvnor Uganda

Considered to be one of the top corporate night spots in Uganda, Guvnor Uganda offers a variety of nighttime themes every year to keep you in the party mood every day. It is located on 7th street, Industrial area, Kampala Uganda.

The nightclub has secure adequate parking, maximum security, five completely stocked bars, three seating sections with a smoking area, spotless sound, a food and beverage department, a standard and standby ambulance, and clean restrooms for both men and women all night long.

Oldies Night, Saturday Fever, Guvnor DJ Snap Off, and Friday Night Live are just a few of Guvnor Uganda’s nighttime themes. These themes feature incredible deejays like Selector Jay, DJ Bryan, DJ Frank, DJ Shai, DJ Mark Rebel, and MC Mozeso.

La Paroni’s Kampala

La Paroni’s Kampala

La Paroni’s Kampala, a well-liked bar and eatery on Parliamentary Avenue, is one of Kampala’s newest nightlife destinations. La Paroni offers customers the best nightlife experience possible, which is unmatched anywhere else.

This bar is completely furnished with lovely artistic accents that keep customers captivated as they enjoy ice-cold beverages and associate with others who are looking to make new friends every day.

Their nighttime programming includes, among others, The Jump Off Fridays, Friday Video Premieres, Sunday Funday with Deejays Slick Stuart, Kas Baby, Vee, Mato, and Jose, and Wednesday Night Live with Qwela Band.

Max Lounge, Bukoto

Max Lounge, Bukoto

As it is situated along Kyaliwajala-Kiira Road close to Total Petro station in Kampala, Max Lounge is another urban corporate zone. All residents of Namugongo, Kyaliwajala, Sonde, Bweyogerere, Kireka, and surrounding communities meet there to unwind.

This hangout offers fully functional bar areas, smoking areas, a restaurant, and above all, a chill atmosphere to relieve job stress; in fact, it’s a home away from home.

They have weekly themes for their nights, live band sessions, and artist appearances by the Janzi Band, comedians, and musicians who are featured on a particular night as their resident deejays play interesting playlists of songs for your memory.

Illusion, Kampala

Another popular place to experience Kampala’s most upscale nightlife is Club Illusion. The club, which is on the second floor of Acacia Mall, offers excellent services that are well above the norm. 

The club’s DJs are among the best in the city and are constantly prepared to amp up the energy for unforgettable nights. Class meets delight at the Illusion Club.

Club Amnesia

On Kampala Road, plot 2/2B of the Plaza Building is where you can find Club Amnesia. It is open five days a week, offers distinctive and appealing services, and charges reasonable rates. 

Club Amnesia organizes enjoyable events including live music, ladies night on Wednesdays, and campus night on Thursdays for college students from all the local universities. Customer service and security are both excellent at the club.

Bubbles O’Leary’s

Bubbles O’Leary’s

Owner Nigel Sutton’s Irish heritage is evident throughout this pub, which features a ton of green and Celtic-inspired décor that was brought directly from Drogheda, Ireland, where all the furniture was purchased.

 The establishment is fundamentally a lively Ugandan bar. The top musical act in Uganda, Jose Chameleone, frequently shows up with the house band on Wednesdays. It’s one of the best bars to meet celebrities and party with them.

Club Silk

club silk uganda

Uganda’s top nightclub, Club Silk, has been open since 1994 and is located in Kampala’s industrial neighborhood on First Street. The Club has cutting-edge audio and visual technology that work together to create the ultimate club experience. 

Plasma panels that display all the information you need to know about the worlds of sports and great movies are mounted on every wall of the Club. 

Three additional areas were added to Club Silk over the years, including Silk Royale in 1996, Silk Lounge in 2004, and Silk Oxygen in 2006. The several areas each have their DJs, dance floors, sound systems, and atmosphere. Exclusive bottle service is available in each sector, and the ambiance is to die for.

Club Silk is accessible to the general public on Tuesdays, Thursdays (Silk Lounge), Fridays, and Saturdays. It is also available for private events on any other day of the week. 

The Club has evolved since 1994 into a lavish, expensive nightclub that is unequaled in the city and may perhaps be the trendiest Club in the entire nation!

Fusion Auto Spa

illusion kampala uganda

Dust is a common occurrence in Kampala during the dry seasons of July to August and December to February. The multi-tasking Fusion Auto Spa is well-liked since people routinely wash their cars.

Ugandans go there to watch sports and get their cars washed while sipping Ugandan beers like Bell Lager or Eagle Extra. It also has two enormous screens. 

With two bars on either side and a mixture of lounge seating and tables, the bar is set up in a sizable brick-paved parking lot (during the day, there is more car washing than drinking). Even when it is crowded, there is plenty of space to move around.

Club Ambiance, Kampala

club ambiance kampala

Club Ambiance Kampala has been around for a while and is now situated on Bukesa Hoima road. This club is the place to go to if you want to forget to let go of all your worries.

Under the leadership of Mr Kiyimba Joseph, owner and executive director of the Lions Disco Group, the club is run and managed. 

The Bank, Hyper, Vieux & Ice lounges are available at the brand-new, ultra-modern nightlife entertainment location. With all of them, you have access to a wild nightlife that you just cannot miss.


There are two main areas in this club: a bar with a dance floor and a restaurant beside the pool. It’s a great place to eat some food and watch the dance floor get warmed up. 

The Cayenne Restaurant serves a wide variety of international cuisine, including fish and chips, and pizza. You should taste their curry or tikka masala if you want to sample the local cuisine. It’s one of Kampala’s top-liked bars. 


And that ends our list of the top 10 bars and clubs in Kampala. We’d love to continue but unfortunately, only the best get to fill up the top 10 slots. 

There are more interesting bars and clubs to visit in Kampala such as Otters bar, Thrones Lounge Bar and Restaurant, Riders Lounge Ug, Soho, The Alchemist, Vault Lounge, Big Mike’s, and Cask Lounge among so many others. 

Kampala has an endless list of places to party at night, you’d be surprised. We hope these are more than enough to keep your bar hopping through the night up until morning.