Bebe Cool gifts Ronnie brand-new car
Bebe Cool gifts Wire Wire producer Ronnie brand new Toyota mark X

Singer Bebe Cool rewards ‘Wire Wire’ producer Ronnie and Manager Mutabaazi with brand new cars

Gagamel Music Band boss Bebe Cool on Sunday 9 February rewarded his music producer Ronnie and songwriter with brand new cars as a way of appreciation and also to aid in their transport while they execute their duties.

It was a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication in supporting his Gagamel Music Band.

According to the singer, he rewarded producer Ronnie for the success of ‘Wire Wire and Nkuliyo’ songs with a brand new Toyota mark X UBG 527J and band manager Mutabaazi with a Mercedes Benz C200.

In his speech, Bebe Cool addressed manager Mutabaazi and producer Ronnie as committed colleagues to serve his music band for 12 and 7 years.

He added that there were no serious mistakes in everything they did, so he went ahead to appreciate them for their excellent work.

“It’s today that we have appreciated these two special people who have supported my career endlessly. And so manager Mutabaazi has been royal and committed for my success while producer Ronnie has at all times stood by my side during my frustrating moments and writing wonderful l

bebe cool Mutabaazi with brand new car
Bebe Cool Golden heart is real, rewards producer Ronnie and Manager Mutabaazi with brand new cars

Manager Mutabaazi is one of the long-serving members of Gagamel Music Band and he replaced Manager Josh who resigned from his role.

While producer Ronnie rejected opportunity from his family to be taken abroad for further studies but rather stayed with the singer to promote his music career is a celebrated songwriter and instrumentalist.

“Mutabaazi is not only my manager but also a shareholder in Gagamel band who has worked with me all times to build my music brand, “added Wire Wire singer.

In addition to his thanks yesterday, Gagamel Music Band CEO Singer Bebe Cool told employers and employees to do their best when performing their duties. To the youth, especially the recent graduates from all universities were encouraged to focus on innovation because Uganda offers a variety of opportunities to exploit.

“Employers should think about the welfare of their employees and also inspire them to improve on their output as the employees also strive to work hard, “advised singer Bebe Cool.

Recently, Bebe Cool rewarded Deejay’s duo Slick Stuart and Roja with new iPhones and re-endowed Richard Kleberson as the Gagamel family administrator with a brand-new Toyota Alphard.