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How to Become a Housing Finance Bank Agent

Like most banks in Uganda, Housing Finance Bank offers agent banking.  Through the service, the bank’s customers can carry out their various financial transactions in the neighborhood.

The agent banking service also eliminates the need for them to stand in long bank queues which can be quite tedious. All certified housing finance bank agents can be identified by their handshake Logo. 

In agent banking, a financial institution can hire an agent to conduct transactions on its behalf, such as a retail store, a supermarket chain, a post office, or a mobile network provider.

Down below is more information to help you get started as a housing finance bank agent, especially concerning the requirements and application process.

Requirements for Becoming an Agent

  • You must have a certificate or business permit number.
  • All Sole proprietors must have a Personal Identification number.
  • Have a Business current account with a housing finance bank

Duties of a Housing Finance bank agent

  • Helping customers with their online accounts
  • Completing transactions
  • Accepting cash deposits
  • Answering housing finance bank-related questions
  • Assisting customers to review their account charges.
  • Helping customers pay their bills

How to Become a Housing Finance Agent

  • Visit a nearby Housing Finance Bank branch.
  • Present your Housing Finance Branch Manager with the required paperwork and discuss your agent request.
  • You will then be given application documents for agents to complete.
  • After you’ve filled out the application process, the branch manager will discuss with you what to do next.


Because more individuals now prefer mobile money compared to traditional banking facilities, most banks including Housing Finance Bank have recruited bank agents to help transact on their behalf. Remember to qualify, you must have a current account with the bank, own a licensed business, and have a certificate among other requirements.

With these, you can visit a nearby Housing Finance Bank branch and request a procedure on how to get registered as a housing finance bank agent.