entebbe hangout places

Entebbe has a lot of places to hangout, but where should one go? This question seems to get asked many times, mostly by people that have just arrived in Uganda, or people that aren’t residents of Entebbe. 

Not to worry though, because we’ll take you around the best hangout places in Entebbe in a few seconds.

Entebbe town is one of those towns filled with several hotels, restaurants, resorts, bars, and shopping malls among other things. 

Our list of the most popular places to hangout in Entebbe will help you decide where to go with your friends this weekend.

Café Javas in Entebbe

Café Javas in Entebbe

This Café Javas branch is located on Berkeley Rd, Entebbe, inside Victoria Mall. You may visit this hangout spot in Entebbe as soon as you land at Entebbe International Airport. 

Like most Café Javas branches, the Entebbe branch is well known for having the best customer care and being big on meals. Their menu consists of breakfast, big meals, perfect drinks, and desserts.

For breakfast, you can order Waffles, Irish potatoes, eggs, juice, and a cup of English tea. Lunch can be Caribbean Jerk Chicken Combo, chicken tender platter combo, or mushroom grilled chicken breast among others.

Don’t forget to try their juices, milkshakes, smoothies, non-alcoholic cocktails, and iced teas. Only visit this place if you’re looking to hang out, and enjoy great food, great coffee, and great service.

Lutembe Beach

lutembe beach entebbe

Lutembe Beach is located in the Wakiso District just four kilometres off the Kampala Entebbe Road. 

Fans of bird watching and photographers of all skill levels should visit Lutembe Beach because it’s located near the Lutembe Wetlands, an area that’s a well-known refuge for birds. 

Lutembe is a public beach that anyone can visit for free, unlike many other beaches in Uganda. Camping is ideal and the beach is clean. Visitors can watch numerous aquatic birds by renting a boat and travelling to the rose garden.

Nabinonya Resort Beach

Nabinonya Resort Beach, which is known for its natural beauty, is regarded as a place that caters to both families and young people. The gorgeous remnant forest, which is home to several monkeys, birds, and reptiles, is available for those seeking adventure. 

The area is ideal for watching the neighbourhood youth soccer team in action because they occasionally utilize the campsite. Numerous shops sell snacks and beverages in case you feel hungry.

Lido Beach

Lido Beach Entebbe

Lido Beach is located about a kilometre from Entebbe International Airport. It is a popular destination for locals and can get quite crowded on the weekends. 

It is also known as a party location where events happen almost every weekend, ranging from wild parties to family-friendly activities. It’s also a good place to catch beautiful sunsets while relaxing. 

We recommend you visit Lido Beach on the weekend and you’ll see how Ugandans like to enjoy themselves at the beach. 

Victoria Mall 

Victoria Shopping Mall in entebbe

The first shopping centre in Entebbe, Victoria Mall Entebbe, offers high-end retail experiences. Shoppers can anticipate the best with its dynamic and varied tenant mix, which includes the best in fashion, food, leisure, and entertainment.

The Victoria Mall has a unique speciality in that it is the largest mall in East and Central Africa that is located the closest to a body of water. 

As a result, Victoria Mall, which is close to Entebbe and provides the majority, if not all, of the amenities found in malls in Kampala, makes it a very peaceful location to be.

Victoria Mall includes a world-class food court, shopping arcade, grocery, banking, and hospitality services, making it the perfect destination for friends and family to unwind during the workweek or after a busy weekday.

Knight Riders Discotheque Entebbe

Knight Riders Discotheque Entebbe

One of Entebbe’s most famous nightclubs, the Knight Riders Discotheque, continues to draw sizable numbers of revellers, particularly on weekends on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

After visiting the zoo or swimming at Lutembe or Lido beach, you can spend the evening at Knight riders and have a few cocktails with friends.

The Imperial Resort Beach Hotel

imperial resort beach hotel in entebbe

This hangout is located on Plot 2 Mpigi Road, Entebbe. The Victoria Restaurant at Imperial Resort is a 24-hour eatery with views of Lake Victoria that serves themed lunches as well as a á la carte menu. 

Amazing pizza is also prepared in the hotel’s restaurant. The Residents’ Pub has a huge flat-screen TV where you can watch as the day goes by. 

Take advantage of the Mango Bar’s drinks or the Carnivore Restaurant’s BBQ. Additionally, the Imperial Resort has a sauna, a fitness centre, and an outdoor pool.

Protea Hotel By Marriott Entebbe

Protea Hotel By Marriott Entebbe

This establishment is found on Sebugwawo Drive Entebbe Road, Entebbe. Most people come to this hotel for accommodations. However, there’s more. The hotel includes a year-round outdoor pool, balcony, and bar where guests can unwind with a drink.

For guests, there’s a flat-screen TV provided in each room. On-site shuttle service is available at no charge. Canoeing and golf are prominent activities close to the hotel for both guests and visitors.

Gorilla Conservation Café

Gorilla Conservation Café

The Gorilla Conservation Café is located on Plot 13 Portal Rd, Entebbe.

Visit Uganda’s first gorilla conservation café in Entebbe, which has a view of Lake Victoria. It’s also an opportunity to savour freshly selected produce from farms close to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Choose from a variety of hot drinks, iced coffees, and delectable nibbles on our comprehensive menu. And, on the café’s outside terrace, unwind with your friends, or get a cup to go.

Enjoy the distinct flavour of our medium-roasted coffee, which has a scent of caramel, butter notes, and almonds. Visitors can discover how their business supports smallholder farmers and protects Bwindi’s critically endangered mountain gorillas.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens 

Entebbe Botanical Garden

The Entebbe Botanical Gardens, founded in 1898, are located almost on the equator on the northern banks of Lake Victoria.

In addition to many shrubs and other plants that have grown naturally over the years, the gardens contain a variety of plant species from the tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate zones. 

As of 1998, there were 309 species in the collection, including 110 aliens, 122 recognized medicinal species, and 199 Ugandan native species. The gardens provide birdwatchers with the chance to start a birding account by simply walking around and appreciating nature. 

Carpe Diem Guest House Entebbe 

carpe diem guest house entebbe

Carpe Diem Guest House is located on Plot 33 Uringi Cres Rd, Entebbe. In Entebbe, the Carpe Diem Guesthouse has a garden, patio, and communal lounge. 

This establishment offers a free shuttle service as well as a restaurant for visitors. There is free WiFi. The on-site eatery is open for all meals. Cycling is one of the sports that guests of Carpe Diem Guesthouse can take part in and around Entebbe.

Inclusively, the welcome staff can assist visitors with any questions they may have because they are bilingual in French and English.


That’s our list of the best hangout places in and around Entebbe city. We’re sure you did. We made sure to cater to everyone. The moviegoers, nightlife enthusiasts, foodies, environmentalists, and whoever wants to hang out. 

Take your time until you finally decide on the perfect place to hang out in Entebbe. If you like, it’s also okay to check out all these hangout places, one at a time.