Black and White Lounge Waikiki Bar
Allan Tonix, Beenie Gunter to headline grand opening of Black and White Lounge. File Photo

New hangout spot Black and White Lounge to open in Kampala, Allan Tonix and Beenie Gunter to headline grand opening.

A new lounge in the heart of Kampala called the Black and White Lounge, located at Centenary Park in the former Waikiki Bar, is set for the grand opening on Saturday 18th January 2020.

Uganda’s Allan Tonix and Beenie Gunter will make headlines at the grand opening of Black and White Lounge, and it is open to the public at no cost whatsoever.

It will be a fun-filled party with lots of music and all sorts of entertainment. The gates open at 7 PM and there’s a free parking space.

A perfect atmosphere to relax you comfortably and confined with a 24hours working restaurant, a bar and convenient garden space for birthday celebrations, family day outs, meetings etc.

Allan Tonix is expected to entertain revellers with his hit songs such as Tukyekole, Romance, Beera Nange, That Girl, Kampala Gals, Swag meter, Regular, Who You Are, Private Party and many more.

While Beenie Gunter will also perform his popular songs such as Pon Mi, Olina Work, Sekkle Down, Gidden, among others. Dj Roja will also surface to mix his music to no limit, as fans will shake their bodies.

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Black and White Lounge Waikiki Bar
Allan Tonix, Beenie Gunter to headline grand opening of Black and White Lounge. File Photo

Black and White Lounge has also joined the already existing hangout spots in Kampala and these include both Bars and Lounges, mentioning some of them;

  1. Mythos Greek Taverna & Lounge located in central Kampala-Uganda.
  2. Brisk Restaurant café & Lounge located at Wampewo Avenue, Kampala, Uganda.
  3. The Game club at Lumumba Avenue, Kampala central, Uganda.
  4. Nyondo Club located on Kampala- Entebbe road in Najjanankumbi .
  5. Bubbles O’learys in Kampala, Uganda at Kamwokya.
  6. Dons Club Kampala located in the middle of Kampala, Uganda, the square.
  7. Guvnor Uganda in Kololo Kampala central, Uganda.
  8. Club Ambiance Kampala on Hoima road Kampala, Uganda, Mengo.
  9. Club Play located on the second street, Kampala central, Uganda.
  10. Club Amnesia in Kampala’s central region, Uganda

Since Kampala is a lively city, both during the day and at night. Kampala is one of the safest areas to move around in the night.

Every corner of the street is almost a club, a pub or an entertainment centre. Blurring music takes place in the nights of Kampala-Western, Uganda and contemporary music.

Drinking is a culture of nightlife in Kampala. Whisky, wines and beers are available in every lounge, pub and bar in Kampala. Our locally brewed lagers and beers such as Bell Lager, Club Pilsner, Nile Special, Moonberg Larger and Tusker, among others, define Uganda’s best beer industry.

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Varieties of beers have won the German Awards for Mode Selection-you have to try one of them. And we have a number of international wine and whisky importers from South Africa, England, Italy and France, etc.

So be aware that you’ll find many international labels like John Walker, Scottish Whisky in your favourite bar! Waragi or spirits are also on the menu of the drinker.