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MV Templar Captain Finally Speaks
MV Templar Boat was finally retrieved from the water

The Lake Victoria boat survivors led by the Buganda Prince, David Kintu Wasajja, want government to enforce regulations on water transport including effective regular monitoring.

This was during a thanks giving service arranged at Mutima Beach, the scene of the deadly water accident the survivors attended.

Mutima Beach in Mpate village Mukono, hosted a tragic boat accident that claimed over 30 lives including the boat proprietor and wife in November 2018. And today survivors of the fatal water accident, returned at the scene of accident, this time alone to glorify God for the second chance he granted them.

The reason for gathering was to pray for the dead and blessings for the survivors from God.

Fr Pius Dunga of Mubanda parish lugazi, led the gathering that included; survivors, relatives, friends and the fishing community at large.

Fr Dunga praised the survivors for turning their lives to God after the tragic event.

“We’ve seen probably in this healing moment we have to turn to God, and when they saw it fit that this is the day they did exactly that. So, we thank the Lord who had enabled us to be here but in a special way, for them to come back to glorify God, but also to pray for those who passed on. And also to pray for their families.”

Buganda Kingdom prince David Kintu Wasajja, and the other survivors were truly happy and thankful to God, for giving them the courage to return to the scene of accident which has been so emotional and traumatising.

“As for me just after the boat accident, I hated the Lake, I didn’t want to look at it any more, even water in the basin I did not want to look at it, Prince Wasajja said.

He however, argued government to tighten laws and regulations governing water bodies to reduce on the risk of water body accidents.

“If at all these laws were in place, may be some of our friends would have survived. Many people blame us who were on that boat, but were we the one’s responsible for checking it’s quality and standard? When you board a plane, do you first ask to see it’s certification? And you also wonder.”

“Our being here is a miracle and we glorify the Almighty God for that,” another survivor stated.

Also, fishermen who did a great job in rescuing victims aired out their views saying that they face persecution from the relevant authorities at work.

“We are in worrying condition, we have helped people and in return they batter us. Every time you hear James is coming, James is coming. Correct fishing methods are not yet in place. And what has the batterer given us the fishermen after torturing?” Swaibu Kiyaga, a fisherman asked.

Local authority say the boat accident was a wakeup call on Uganda’s water operations, but still more is needed.

Survivors of the boat accident still recalls the pain and trauma that they went through that fateful evening, and today they are grateful to God, for opening them another chapter of life. 

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