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Buying a Condominium in Uganda for sale naalya (1)
Some of the areas in Kampala where you can find condominiums are Kira, Naalya, Najjera, Kololo, Muyenga, Namugongo, and Bukasa. PHOTO/Spectrum Real Estate Solutions

In this article, we will look at the factors you need to consider when buying a condominium in Kampala, Uganda so that you know what you can expect.

There are many things you need to know before you buy a condominium in Kampala, Uganda, so in this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the options available to you.

Saving for a dream home can take many years for the average Ugandan. Banks and real estate corporations may be a viable choice for people who qualify for a loan or mortgage. 

On the other hand, high borrowing rates put a financial strain on many people, making affordable homes a pipe dream. First-time homebuyers are now considering acquiring a condominium as a more cost-effective way to realise their dream.

If you want to avoid paying rent and buy your unit in a multi-unit complex, you must first learn how condominiums function.

What is the definition of a condominium?

While condominiums (or ‘condos’) and apartments have many similarities, they are owned differently. A condo can be purchased in the same way that a house can. 

Apartment apartments, on the other hand, cannot be acquired separately. An apartment complex usually has one owner, with individual tenants leasing units.

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An East Africa online legal services provider defines a condo as a housing unit where each person has their own space. Shared spaces such as corridors, security, recreation areas (rooftop, green areas), driveways, and parking are all collectively owned. Condominiums do not allow for private land ownership.

The provider firmly states that the significant distinction between condos and single-family homes is that no individual owns a parcel of land. 

Instead, like with Bugolobi and Bukoto flats, all of the land in the condominium complex is owned collectively by all of the homeowners.

Advantages of Condominium 

Houses are more expensive

Although there are rare exceptions, generally, condominiums are less expensive to purchase than houses. It is a terrific method for first-time homebuyers or retiring seniors on a fixed budget to downsize.

Low Maintenance

Condos have less inside room to clean than houses, and the only outside space you need to bother about is your balcony. As a result, household duties such as painting the house’s exterior or maintaining the garden would become obsolete.

More Protected

To get to your apartment door, would-be robbers often have to go past several layers of security. Many buildings’ entrances will feature locked security doors that require a key or swipe card to open.


Condo living might provide you with conveniences that you might not find in a house. A few examples are a swimming pool, indoor gym, rooftop entertainment, covered parking, and a security system. You are not even required to maintain the pool.

In High Demand

Renters are not going anywhere anytime soon. A housing shortfall of roughly 530,000 dwellings is predicted in Kampala. This might result in 2.1 million housing shortages in ten years. 

As a result, if you decide to go from being an owner to a landlord, you should have no trouble finding renters.

Condominium disadvantages

Parking is limited

Not every condominium, especially one-bedroom condos, comes with a parking space. You may be required to pay a premium for parking or waste time seeking space on the street. 

Similarly, parking can be a problem for your visitors.

Less Room

Apartments are frequently less expensive than houses since they are smaller. While this reduces cleaning time, it also reduces storage space, which is inconvenient for an enormous household.

Noise and Privacy

You will see and hear your neighbours a lot more than you would in a private home because you will be so near them. Loud parties and domestic disputes can cause havoc with your peace.


When you acquire a condominium, you agree to contribute to the care and maintenance of the property’s community facilities, such as the gardens, rooftop space, elevators, stairwells, and corridors. This is reflected in the cost of a monthly fee to cover the costs.

How do condominiums operate?

Under the terms of a condominium agreement, owners typically create a condominium association and elect the president, secretary, and treasurer. 

The association leaders manage the condominiums and ensure that cleaning, garbage collection, and electricity dues are collected and paid by the owners.

Condominiums usually have a reserve fund as well. This is the amount of money set aside by the association to restore the shared property.

Individual condo owners are responsible for maintaining the interiors of their units.

Purchase Price of a Condominium

Condos are commonly available in one-, two-, or three-bedroom layouts.

The costs differ from one developer to the next and the location in which they are located. Condominiums in Kampala may be found at Kira, Naalya, Najjera, Kololo, Muyenga, Namugongo, and Bukasa, among other places.

At USh53 million, you can have a one-bedroom apartment with an open-plan kitchen, sitting room, and dining room on 40 square metres under specific conditions. 

two-bedroom on 63.73 square metres with the same amenities costs USh115 million, while a three-bedroom costs USh130 million.

one-bedroom apartment can also go for USh96 million, a two-bedroom apartment costs USh172 million, and a three-bedroom apartment costs USh189 million. A three-bedroom condominium property in most posh neighbourhoods around Kampala costs between USh250 million and USh300 million.

Affordability goes hand in hand with mass production, just as commercial farming vs subsistence farming, where mass production lowers prices; costs go down when more units are built at once, and condos become cheaper over time,

Payment Terms

Condominiums can be purchased using a variety of financing sources. A buyer usually puts down USh5 million (a flexible amount). 

They can pay a 20% to 30% cash down payment within three months and the remaining balance over 12 to 18 months. You can pay cash, work up a specific payment plan with the developer, or acquire a bank loan. 

You get a unit for arranged instalments and pay it off in a year or two.

As with any property transaction, researching the correct owner is essential before purchasing a condo. Condos are simple to sell. Thus ownership changes frequently, which scammers can take advantage of.

Be Aware of Any Restrictions

Condos are self-managed and may have remodelling limits as well as prohibitions on specific developments.

There are also limitations on what can and cannot be done with a property. Residential condos are typically not permitted to be utilised for commercial purposes, even if it is as simple as a “home office.” Many condominium societies have recently imposed particular limits on short-term renting arrangements.

Leasehold Property

Condominiums are already on registered land. Hence condominium titles are the same as any other land, according to the Registration of Titles Act, Cap 230. 

Pay attention to whether the apartments are on leasehold land.