Catherine Kusasira biography
Who is Catherine Kusasira?

Who Catherine Kusasira? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, early life, Age, music, and family of the founding member of Golden Band Production.

Catherine Kusasira is a Ugandan female band musician and one of a founding member of Golden Band Production, a businesswoman, a mother and a wife. 

Kusasira is one of the leading band female musicians in the industry and a very busy woman with her career and her latest Presidential advisor for Kampala job appointed by the President of the Republic of Uganda.

Early Life and Education

Catherine Kusasira was born to Wilberforce and Deborah Luwandagga and she has three siblings. Kusasira attended Dynamic SS and then later joined St. Balikuddembe SS Mitala Maria.

Kusasira’s music career

Catherine Kusasira was inspired into music by Sam and Sophie Gombya and Herbert Kyewalyanga who were school music trainers.

At the time, Kusasira was asked to mime a song called ”Mumpe Ebyange” and Mariam Ndagire’s Bamugamba which Kusasira says she did marvellously and thus she began her career.

Kusasira began singing with Josam’s Band of Sam Gombya and Joseph Mulinde in 1999 while still in S.3 at Dynamic SS.

Kusasira says she does not regret joining the entertainment industry because she has gained fame, friends and family. The mother of two said none of her three siblings has tried singing although their parents Wilberforce and Deborah Luwandagga were regular in Nansana Church choir.

However, in 2014 Eagle Production faced a storm which caused its split. The agreement was reached after the band members had a meeting that took place on Tuesday, March 10, 2014, at Calendar House in Makindye a Kampala suburb.

When Eagles Production split, Kusasira attacked Geoffrey Lutaaya calling him a man of double standards. However, two years later after the split, Kusasira apologized to her former boss, Geoffrey Lutaaya.

Kusasira made the apology when Lutaaya wowed his fans with his new Album ‘Muli Luno’ at Club Obbligato along Bombo Road.

“Let me take this opportunity and apologize to my boss Geoffrey Lutaaya, Sincerely I wouldn’t be what I am today if it wasn’t him,” Kusasira said while kneeling before Lutaaya on stage.  

Catherine Kusasira graced by president museveni
President Museveni graced Kusasira’s concert dubbed “Tears of a Woman”.

Music Albums 

  • Her first album Ekitiibwa Kya’baami came in 2003, followed by; 
  • Kambasaliize 2013
  • Wafuuka Bikadde
  • Ekitiibwa Kyabaami 2011
  • Society Enongosemu 2012
  • Mapeesa 2012
  • Mukama Neraga 2012
  • Estima Empya 2012
  • Bw’osiba Face, Enkola ya Taxi
  • Kankusinze 2015
  • Obakubya Bikolwa 2016
  • Sanyusa Mutima 2016.

Kusasira launched her controversial album ‘Enkola ya Taxi’ at Club Obbligato at the time they had separated with her longtime boyfriend Seruga.

“I might have been a victim, but the song is not about Seruga but dedicated to those women who are used by men to top-up love,” Kusasira said during the album launch. I did it for those women who gave up on love due to the mistreatment by their men,” she said.

Kusasira says Seruga has composed most of her songs save for Enkola ya Taxi which was composed by Disan Kasasa.

The couple has duets like Olinga Ettaala, Maama Kabina, Sonyiwa Baano and Kusasira says there is nothing that can bar her from singing with Seruga.

In some of Kusasira’s singles, she does not mean what she sings particularly in the ‘Mujjawo Simuyekera’ single. She said it is pretence as no one would be happy to share her man.

“When I sang Mujjawo Simuyekera, I was mistaken to mean that I would not mind if my man got seven wives. That was then and this is now”, she said.

Kusasira can come up with different messages addressing very serious issues in her songs. She draws them from real-life experiences, either her personal experiences or what she sees around her.

Later in 2015, Kusasira released singles like ‘Sonyiwa Bano Nawe Daddy’ asking her husband to forgive her and take her back home again. However, the two reconciled and conducted their introduction ceremony in 2018.

Kusasira quits active music

Musician Catherine Kusasira in 2019 made it official that she will be retiring from active music to join politics come 2021 general elections. This was a time she was preparing to conduct her music concert dubbed “Tears of a Woman”.

The concert was held at Kampala Serena Conference Centre graced by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The two share mutual friendship with President addressing her as his “granddaughter”.

Kusasira quits music industry to chase her political dreams. She has all the support from the ruling party though receives criticisms from the opposition for being a radical supporter of the government in power.

2020, Valentine’s Day, Kusasira was seen displaying money bags in a live video seated in her presidential vehicle given by the President. “This is what they call NRM wait for your time, when it comes you will tell us,” excited Kusasira said.  

Fred Sseruga visits Catherine Kusasira’s parents

Golden Production band members and couple Fred Sseruga and Catherine Kusasira cemented their relationship after Seruga visited Kusasira’s parents an occasion held in Buganda culture before the real introduction ceremony on Friday, March 30th 2018 in Kitende on Entebbe Road. 

This happened before the real introduction ceremony that took place on April 20th 2018 at Kusasira’s ancestral home in Luweero District. 

The two musicians held ‘Kwanjula’ meetings in which they were able to raise over shs20million, most of which came from fellow musicians. Mesach Ssemakula gave them shs10million while Bebe Cool gave them shs4million with several others actively contributing.

Seruga and Kusasira before their introduction ceremony cohabited for over 10 years where they produced two beautiful souls.


Catherine Kusasira is married to Fred Seruga
Kusasira released singles like ‘Sonyiwa Bano Nawe Daddy’ asking her husband to forgive her.

Catherine Kusasira is famous for songs such as 

  • Bwosiba face
  • Si Dogo
  • Akajanja
  • Quarter Pin
  • Wafuuka Bikadde
  • Sonyiwa Bano
  • Maama Baby
  • Sweet Wange
  • Tombusabusa
  • Obeerawo
  • Nalalira
  • Sitima Empya
  • Maama Kabina
  • Poko Poko
  • Mr. Handsome
  • Komawo
  • Taxi
  • Junior
  • Omulenzi Wange
  • Part of Me
  • I love You
  • Mapesa
  • Society Enongosemu
  • Kanbasalize
  • Otunula Bulungi
  • Buliwotoba
  • Baby Wange
  • Maama
  • Kitibwa Kyabaami
  • Akajanja
  • Sanyusa Mutima
  • Gutujja 
  • Among others


  • Nkwagale ft. Jose Chameleone
  • Olimba ft. Gravity Omutujju
  • Among others

Catherine Kusasira joins Politics

Politics is the rightful answer according to Kusasira. After Kusasira declared her position as National Resistance Movement supporter, she started facing hatred from her music fans. 

At one point on January 1 2020, she publically said she regrets taking up Museveni’s job as Presidential Advisor on Kampala Affairs citing a lot of challenges. On December 1, 2019, enraged Ugandans forced musician Catherine Kusasira off the stage in Santon, South Africa.

The revellers accused the two singers of associating with President Museveni’s NRM Party and condoning the government’s continued persecution of Bobi Wine, a singer, Member of Parliament and aspiring presidential candidate 2021 General Elections

Kusasira was with motor-mouthed socialite and singer Jennifer Nakanguubi alias Full Figure, the Presidential Advisor on matters of youth and artists. 

Until she was casually appointed as a presidential advisor on Kampala Affairs in October 2019, Kusasira had never been bullied this much by music fans. And the year 2019 ended as one of the music industry’s most hated political musicians.

Days after her appointment, Kusasira was involved in supremacy fights with NRM leaders in Kampala notably Godfrey Nyakana, the NRM Vice Chairman in charge of Kampala, and Salim Uhuru, the party’s branch chairman for Kampala Central. 

While the NRM party leadership in Kampala thought Kusasira is supposed to work under their guidance, the musician scoffed at them. 

She described them as spent forces without anything new to energize the ruling party’s quest to capture Kampala in the forthcoming elections. Kusasira as well became worried that her chauffeur-driven black Land Cruizer V8-VX may not be hers.

According to a source, Kusasira picked the car from State House without its logbook, which implies the State can recall it anytime. 

“Museveni didn’t give me that car, I bought it using my own money and I have all the documents to prove that I ordered it from Japan. ” This should be an opportunity for me to tell those NRM historical who are bothered about this car, Museveni gives me other things but has never given me a car,” she said. 

Veteran female musician Kusasira in 2018 declared herself Minister in charge of condolences during Bebe Cool’s “Mutima Gwa Zaabu” concert which was held in Kiwatule on Boxing Day.

The singer said she was touched by the family’s plight after watching one of Kawuma’s widows crying out to President Museveni on TV. She then asked the President to help out and he dished out shs20 million for both the bereaved families.

“I was touched by the family situation according to what I saw on TV and as a parent who has seen the President help before, in my status it’s the little I could do. ” You all have a right to hold a different perception about this, many may turn it political but mine is from a parental perspective no matter the differences and minded more about the children and school status because as a parent too, the President was willing to help beyond even shs20 million,” she said in a post on her Facebook page. 

Personal Life

Despite believes that having long hair is a source of pride and respect for ladies, Kusasira prefers short hair. “Personally, I am not interested in having long hair. I feel more comfortable with this size and kind of hair.”

About her smile, Kusasira says it is natural in a way that even if she’s angry still it will feature on her face.

In her free time, Kusasira spends it attending to her garment shop called Kusasira Beauty Solutions on Access Building along Rubaga Road.


Catherine-Kusasira quits music industry to chase her political dreams
Kusasira in 2019 made it official that she will be retiring from active music to join politics.

Catherine Kusasira is married to Fred Seruga a fellow musician and one of the pioneers of Golden Band Production. In her narration despite the breaks ups they experienced in their relationship, their family is very stable and everything is just good currently.

Seruga and Kusasira have two children. However, after their traditional marriage ceremony (Kwanjula), Kusasira said she’s planning to have more two children to make it four and she bid farewell to the labour ward.

Kusasira says her next two children will be from Seruga, not anyone else. “I hate the policy of every child with a different father. I have never thought of stepping out of my relationship. And no one should think of it because I am a determined wife.”

Kusasira ruled out the fact that her relationship with Seruga has been off and on. “The relationship has never been unstable. But the problem is that we are celebrities. So every simple or minor mistake we do as a couple and information leaks out to the media, the public is misinformed upon what is trending in our relationship and such information is hurriedly taken up by the audience.”

“But in most case, these are minor issues that almost happen to every relationship.”

After their separation where Kusasira left her marital home and lived in Bombo and her eventual return, she says “Honestly where there are misunderstandings, it is advisable that you give your partner a break to refresh up both mentally and physically. It has been due to such circumstances that we create space between ourselves as a way of resolving back the relationship. Unfortunately, media has done much in blackmailing our family affairs.”

Kusasira says sometimes they have a clear ground for keeping their family issues secret but sometimes they just find information about their affairs trending in the media.

Today, Catherine Kusasira is settled in her marriage and according to her if her husband Seruga gets a side dish and she gets to know of it, automatically the relationship will come to an end.

Kusasira says although she’s a musician, she believes in sharing everything including top secrets in a relationship as a sign of conjoint understanding.

Kusasira’s worst experience in her marriage

The day she had abandoned her relationship not knowing that what had made her step out of it was clear propaganda circulating in the media?

Best experience or moment in her marriage

The day her husband kneeled and said, “am sorry darling”, please forgive me. “Truly I felt never the same”.

Amidst her busy schedule, Kusasira says she finds time to be with her family and take care of her children.

“We leave at different hours. But personally most of my day time is too fixed but by 7:00pm am always free and ever there for them. To the husband, he is sometimes free during day time. Generally it is all about a time table for the cores.”

Religious affiliation 

Catherine Kusasira is a Christian and they pray every Sunday together with the family.

Favourite Dish

  • Matooke and chicken

Kusasira’s House

NRM supporter Catherine Kusasira in 2019 displayed her house which is still under construction; she follows other Ugandan musicians who did so in the past few months.

Among other female artistes who published their houses include Spice Diana, Sheebah and Stabua Natooro. This time around, Catherine could not lag; she came out and shared her picture with her new house in the background.

The exact location of her house is still in rumours, but Catherine Kusasira published it on her social media by sharing a photo showing her car and captioned it.

“Mukama Mulungi,” translated God is good is a caption Catherine Kusasira put on her house photo.


I don’t know Kusasira and Bucharman – State House Controller 

” I am still waiting for the president to instruct me personally then I will write to the Public Service Commission so they appoint them formally,” she said. 

According to Lucy Nakyobe the State House Controller, she knows only Jenifer Nakanguubi alias Full Figure who was appointed presidential advisor on artistes and youth. 

The report compiled by the State House team showed that there were no changes in the amount estimated for Presidential Advisors’ salaries even though the President had appointed a few more in 2019. 

“When the MPs on the committee tasked the controller on the salaries of presidential advisors, Nakyobe said, “It is for that reason that they are not entitled to salary as State House staff.

During a function in Katwe in October 2019, President Museveni decreed that Catherine Kusasira and former Bobi Wine ally Mark Bugembe the self-proclaimed Ghetto President will be presidential advisors on Kampala and youth affairs respectively. 

The garden of the ghetto is a garden of Ignatius Musaazi and its the work of NRM,’ Museveni said, adding Bucharman is a ghetto president who listens to him.

Kusasira apologizes for demanding government compensation

In her apology statement posted on her Social Media page, Kusasira described her controversial statement as an error of judgment and implored that her countrymen and women forgive her. 

”I would like to take this opportunity to categorically apologize to all Ugandans that watched the video in which I appeared to suggest that I and other artists should be compensated for the concerts that have been cancelled in the coming 30 days,” read Kusasira’s public apology in part. 

Kusasira concluded by appealing to all Ugandans to kindly accept her honest apology.

Kasirye Ggwanga (RIP) shots at Kusasira’s car

The tire of a car belonging to musician Catherine Kusasira was allegedly shot by the late Maj. Gen Kasirye Ggwanga after a quarrel between the General’s children and Kusasira’s aides over the loud music which was in the singer’s car. 

It’s alleged that Kusasira’s aides refused to lower the volume of the music that was playing in the vehicle. The late came out to admit that he indeed shot at the tire claiming the singer’s ‘husband’ attacked his son, and Kusasira failed to give him a listening ear when he intervened to interrogate the matter.

He said the singer undermined and insulted him. At that moment, Kusasira’s car, which was being driven by her aides, arrived with loud music blaring inside. It’s reported that at the moment, the retired senior army officer’s children demanded that Kusasira’s aides reduce the volume. Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango confirmed the incident.

Kusasira’s aides told Maj. Gen Ggwanga that he wasn’t above the law. Fred Enanga revealed that Kusasira has never returned to Police to explain what exactly transpired despite Police efforts to reach her. 

“We want to inform you that since this incident happened , musician Catherine Kusasira has up to date not come to Police to make a statement which can enable us to find out what took place on that day,” he said.

“Enanga said Kusasira’s statement would help Police to do thorough investigations into the matter saying that it is she who knows the people who were on her car, not the Uganda Police. ” 

However, after Ggwanga’s death, Kusasira extended her sincere condolences to the family and revealed that at the time of his death they had already forgiven each other and in good terms. He was a happy man who loved people, agriculture and music, he supported musicians so much. I remember the day he attended my music concert at former Obbligato and gave me 500,000 UGX at that time, may his soul rest in peace.

“Kusasira talked about him as a good man who never holds onto grudges but a person who forgives so easily. “