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Museveni cattle Rustlers will be no more in Karamoja 2 (1)
Mr Museveni made the remarks at the passing out ceremony for 2,610 local defence personnel in Labwordong, Agago District. PHOTO/NP

As soon as the Local Defence unit in Karamoja gets operational, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa says cattle rustlers will be eliminated from the region.

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, has noted that cattle rustlers will soon be wiped out of Karamoja once the Local Defence Unit has been empowered.

Mr Museveni made the remarks at the pass out of 2,610 Local Defence Personnel in Labwordong, Agago District. He raised his excitement that an army training base has been set up in the region to help restore peace.

“We had removed the fifth division for training and they took advantage of that. But now we have brought it back. It will help make the rustlers lose appetite for the gun. I was last here many years ago and it was very different.”

“I am glad that the army leaders remembered to revive this place and even established a training wing which is good for security,” Museveni said the objective is to train and equip a strong army.

“Our objective is to train young energetic Ugandans with values, norms ideological orientation of the national army. The development of character mentally and physically is key. They are trained to serve their country diligently. The Army wants a fit you rather than a sick you.”

He, in addition, commended the residents for donating land to the army indicating that government will find a way of compensating them. Museveni further mentioned that they are focused on increasing the security numbers in the area to help reduce the increasing killings.

“I am also happy that the leaders here and elders gave land to the army to train. We shall compensate you for the land don’t worry. We need to use the land for training. The training security wing here; it’s good for the army and it’s also good for security,” Museveni noted.

“One you have got a big number of people here, those who disturb security will not come. We need a guard force to contribute to security of this area. It will also contribute to the economy of the area. These people are here, government buys food for them, they get salary and go to shop for other essentials here. The community benefits,” he added.

This, however, comes when footage continues to flood social media of individuals who are murdered in cold blood in the region.