Ugandas-Chief-Justice Katureebe
Chief Justice Bart Katureebe appoints 6 to investigate corruption in the judiciary. File Photo

Chief Justice Katureebe appoints a six-member committee to investigate corruption allegations in the judiciary

A new task force to investigate multiple corruption allegations cases of corruption in the Judiciary has been instituted to add up to the other appointed Anti-corruption agencies in Uganda.

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe says these Anti-corruption forces will co-execute corrupt cases with the IGG and the police for a thorough investigation into corruption allegations.

Katureebe made the remarks after unveiling the six-member task force committee to handle corrupt officials on Thursday 8, 2019 in Kampala.

Addressing the media, Chief Justice Katureebe said that the Police, the Inspectorate of Government (IGG), and other Anti-corruption agencies are already on board to start the investigations.

“The IGG as I speak now, even before we packed them into it the first whistleblower, somebody called Mantu, the secretary to the treasury asked the IGG to come in and investigate the allegations and we are waiting for the IGG’s report. So, there’s no problem, it’s simply that you people you don’t want to know the information. The IGG is there as I speak to you now,” Katureebe said.

Katureebe however, said that the findings in this investigation will be produced in only six days by the team of investigators of both the Judiciary, the Anti-corruption agencies to announce the next activity.

“We need to identify the people who are giving justice a bad name. even if it’s our people let us identify them refer them for investigation with the Judicial Service Commission, if it’s judges or magistrates,” Katureebe said.

Simon Peter Kinobe, Uganda Law Society President said they will independently assess the commissioned investigation into corruption allegations in the judiciary to see that the criminals are punished.

“These are different types, and all those that are corrupt have been surviving on the capability of the act, now that time has come to an end because we are now going into a time where Ugandans wants to see results, where Ugandans wants to see culprits punished, where Ugandans want to see value for money. That’s what we are advocating for as Uganda Law Society,” Kinobe said.

Additionally, the Judiciary appointed a separate committee of officials to conduct a general review on the Judicial guidelines for judges at the bench.

The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe says it’s time to clean up the Judiciary or rather set up new sets of guidelines to ensure that efficiency and transparency are exercised in Uganda’s judiciary as far as justice is concerned.

The six members appointed by the Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe includes; Solomon Muyita, Susan Abinyo, Immaculate Busingye, Ayebare Tumwesigye, Godfrey Kaweesa and Vincent Mugabe.