Cindy Boom Party Cricket Oval
Cindy set to make history during Boom Party Concert at Cricket. File Photo

Dancehall King Cindy promises fans a fair share for their money at Cricket Oval during her Boom Party Concert

Dancehall King Cindy Sanyu has promised to give party goons a fair share for their money at her Boom Party Concert scheduled for this Saturday, 7th March at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Cindy who was speaking to journalists yesterday at Bight of Benin said that preparations are already in full gear to ensure that the show is a historical and memorable one.

“On the 7th of March 2020, we are making history at the Boom party concert. You have to be part of it. I am grateful. I am content. I am ready,” Cindy expressed her determination.

This will be one of her first concerts since going solo moreover to be held at Lugogo Cricket Oval, a venue that has in recent times been used by mostly international artists and only a few Ugandan artists because of its extreme big size that scares many away for fear of shame.

However, Cindy who was less bothered about the venue added that it is about time a Ugandan female artist killed it at the Lugogo venue.

“It is about time a Ugandan female artist came and filled up Cricket Oval, this is my vision and I promise to bring you the very best of The King Herself. You cannot afford to miss out on this night,” Cindy claimed.

Meanwhile, the “Ayokya Ayokya” hitmaker also indicated that this concert has helped reveal so much hard truth to her although she remains grateful to God for always being by her side.

“So many people claim to support you until you need their support. This concert has revealed so much hard truth to me but mostly random blessings so I thank God,” Cindy added.

Cindy make history Boom Party
Cindy promises fans a fair share for their money at Cricket Oval during her Boom Party Concert. File Photo

Buy tickets for Boom Party Concert

With tickets going for Shs20k ordinary, Shs50k VIP and a table at Shs1m, concert sponsors Tusker Malt have also revealed that they are humbled to be a part of Cindy’s journey.

“Cindy is an amazing artist who has been in the industry for over 10 years, bringing her fans 100% real music always. We are humbled to be a part of her journey as we celebrate her pioneering a huge achievement this Saturday,” Tusker Malt Brand Representative, Herbert Ndugwa said

Eddy Kenzo, Maro, Kent and Flosso, Karole Kasita, Rabadaba, Silver X (from South Sudan), and Viper Ranking are few of the many musicians that are set to be at the Boom Party singer’s concert.

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Relatively, Cindy also confirmed earlier this week that she is still awaiting a response from Sheebah Karungi to see if the latter will be interested in attending her maiden concert.