Comedian Anne Kansiime Gerald Ojok
In a statement, Kansiime also revealed that she ended up paying her bride price in a bid to make it easy for Ojok to marry her

Comedian Anne Kansiime has accused her former husband, Gerald Ojok of failing to pay her marriage bride price.

Comedian Kansiime who hosted Nana Kaga on her YouTube Channel to discuss their personal experiences with wedding meetings made it clear that she regrets helping Ojok pay for her dowry.

In a statement, Kansiime also revealed that she ended up paying her bride price in a bid to make it easy for Ojok to marry her.

“I accused someone of marrying me long enough for the whole world to believe it and him to believe it and I also believed it. Later when I realized that when you are married, it is when a man wakes up on his two feet, pays your bride price, takes you to church and then marries you; none of that had happened,” she said.

“I am saying this for anyone at home who is in a situation that they cannot leave because of what people will think, or if you are nearly getting married but you are tempted to contribute to that dowry. You will feel the way I am feeling,” she added.

Kansiime who also refused to go into details about her five-year marriage that ended about two years ago claimed that she was naïve and blind in love with her ex-husband.

“I do not want to go into the details. I was married but you know how you end up paying some of it for yourself. It is sad, do not look at me like that, and I am now an empowered woman,” said Kansiime.

“And you know when you love someone, all you want to do is make them able to pay for you, able to afford you as far as dowry is concerned,” added Kansiime.

Currently, Kansiime is in a relationship with another man after her break up with Gerald in 2017.

She took to her social media in 2018 to introduce her new catch to the public, sharing intimate pictures as they locked lips.

Comedian Anne Kansiime Gerald Ojok
Comedian Anne Kansiime and ex husband Gerald Ojok before their breakup

Kansiime captioned the picture in Nyankore dialect; “Rukundo Egumeho na akantukangye lazima.” (May this feeling of love reign)

Different reports indicated that this split might have been caused by their financial status, with Ojok feeling emasculated by Kansiime’s financial muscle.

While others claimed that there was so much pressure on Ojok to have a baby with Kansiime, yet the comedian wanted to focus on stabilising her career.

Biography – Anne Kansiime

As a Ugandan entertainer, comedian, and actress, Kansiime Kubiryaba Anne was born on 13th April 1986.

She’s popularly known as Anne Kansiime and on notable occasions, Ann has been referred to as Africa’s Queen of Comedy.

Her father is a retired banker, and her mother is a housewife.

Kansiime attended Kabale Primary School for her O-Level and at Bweranyangi Girls’ Senior Secondary School in Bushenyi for her A-Level education.

Ann holds a Bachelor degree of Arts in Social Science from Makerere University.


Beginning in 2007, while still an undergraduate at Makerere University, Kansiime began to participate in drama skits acted by the theatre group, Theatre Factory, who played at the Uganda National Theatre.

When the Theatre Factory disintegrated, she joined Theatre Fun, that replaced it. The group played every Thursday even The best skits were broadcast on NTV Uganda in the Barbed Wire TV show that later became U-Turn. 

She partnered with Brian Mulondo as a Taxi interview conductor in the MiniBuzz series and provided comic video dramatizations of topical issues that random passengers discussed. 

Anne Kansiime began posting some of her sketch comedy skits on YouTube. She received positive feedback and that encouraged her to post more videos.

Her screen breakthrough came when Citizen TV from neighbouring Kenya offered her a slot to produce, star and present a comedy show once a week. 

That is how she came up with the Don’t Mess With Kansiime comedy show. By 2014, her YouTube channel had amassed more than 15 million views.

Her YouTube videos receive thousands of views and she has appeared on BBC Focus on Africa. 

She has played to packed houses in Blantyre, Gaborone, Kigali, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos, Lilongwe, London, Lusaka and Harare among others.

By John Dalton Kigozi