COVID-19 curfew joint task force
Joint task force ask Ugandans to abide during the curfew period. FILE PHOTO

COVID-19: A joint security task force warns those intending to terrorize Ugandans during the curfew

A joint security task force has issued a warning to those intending to terrorize Uganda during the curfew saying the law will not spare them.

This comes after the President of the Republic of Uganda directed a countrywide curfew from 7 pm to 6:30 am for 14 days which kicked off yesterday the 31st. March 2020.

During the curfew, citizens are not allowed to move from 7 pm to 6:30 am, they should be in their homes. However, President Museveni exempted cargo trucks, planes including trucks carrying food items.

Addressing the media at Uganda Media Centre, the Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Judith Nabakooba urged people to stay home because security officers are on standby to enforce the executive order and anyone caught on the wrong side of the law will be dealt with, as the law commands.

“People should be in their homes. And this is aimed at protecting Ugandans to make sure that we’re free from COVID-19, movements at night are highly discouraged and security officers are set to enforce the presidential directive,” Nabakooba said.

Brig. Richard Kalemire, the UPDF Spokesperson in his remarks said there will joint patrols all over to ensure that the Presidential directive is implemented.

“Movement is not allowed at all, security forces will work together, there will be patrols by the Uganda Police Force, the UPDF, LDU’s and other security agencies to ensure that this directive is implemented well,” Kalemire said.

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga in his remarks announced that they will create roadblocks to ensure that only cargo trucks are moving.

“We have many strategies in place, they will get to see many road barriers, roadblocks. This is to enable us to do a very thorough search and other processes to enable us to ensure that it’s only cargo trucks and those carrying food items inform of Lorries, bringing food from upcountry stations to the city centre. This goes on from 7 pm up to 6 in the morning,” Enanga said.

“I want to request you not to try to tempt to test the ability and capability of the security forces in enforcing the curfew,” Spokesperson Uganda Prison Services noted.

COVID-19 curfew joint task force
Joint task force ask Ugandans to abide during the curfew period. FILE PHOTO

Last week the President directed that market places around the country be restricted to only food items suspending non-food stores to create space in the market such that the four-meter distance can be observed between seller to seller and buyer to the seller.

Security officers misinterpreted the directive particularly the LDUs as they were seen brutally beating up traders in Kampala.

In this regard, the UPDF Spokesperson says this time they will ensure that LDUs follow proper guidelines.

“We are doing all it takes to ensure that the LDU’s continue to improve on their conduct. They will be having more briefings; a new commander has been put in place,” Karemire said.

Residence District Commissioners (RDCs) has been accused of not doing their work during this trying time of COVID-19 pandemic, according to Nabakooba they should get up to work to help the district task force.

“This is not the time for sleeping, it’s time for duty, and this is a pandemic they have been given assignments entrusted by His Excellence the President of the Republic of Uganda to do an assignment of sharing the different task forces at the district level. So, this is time for them to work, 24/7 for the 14 days,” Nabakooba said.

Nabakooba as well as assured media houses that the government is working on modalities to have them operate favourably since there’s an essential need to have the public informed through different outlets.

“We want you to keep informing members of the public and we shall agree on the mode of operation, we shall agree and I told you we shall be informing you accordingly,” Nabakooba said.