besigye to join COVID-19 patients team
Besigye ready to volunteer in providing health care service. FILE PHOTO

Uganda opposition strong man Kizza Besigye ready to volunteer in providing health care service to COVID-19 patients

The opposition strong man Dr Kizza Besigye Kiffefe has announced that he’s ready to join the COVID-19 medical team as long as he’s called upon to assist in providing medical care service to the COVID-19 patients.

Besigye says although he has not been in service for a long time he’s ready to volunteer in this cause.

“I am available anytime! I’ve not been in service for very many many years but I am ever a volunteer and if my colleagues in the health professionals think that I can play any role, I am always ready and available to go in and volunteer,” Besigye said.

Nevertheless, Besigye says the government should involve private medical practitioners to join the COVID-19 medical team in addition to those who are ready retired and facilitate those already in service.

“I think it’s a long call to talk about Besigye who retired 40 years ago when you have people around that you are not using and those that are within your employment that you are not facilitating to do whatever they need to do,” Besigye said.

Speaking about relief aid to the vulnerable communities, Besigye says he and his party are not willing to offer relief items to the national task force as recommended by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni because the task force handling the aid is infiltrated by corrupt officials.

So, for that reason, they cannot trust them with their relief items.

“We cannot deal with structures which we don’t trust, certainly there’s no doubt and we have evidence why we don’t trust the Office of the Prime Minister, which is still being investigated for precisely corruptly misusing the money for refugees,” Besigye said.

besigye to join COVID-19 patients team
Besigye ready to volunteer in providing health care service. FILE PHOTO

However, he said since giving food relief directly to people has been criminalized, they have opted to creatively collect aid from their people and creatively channel it directly to the needy people in cash form.

“What we are doing is that whatever we collect now that it has been criminalized whatever we collect from our people creatively we shall equally creatively pass it onto the very needy direct in money form, that’s what we are trying to do in that regard,” Besigye noted.

In his view, Besigye suggests that the government should allow different organs to give aid directly to individuals instead of channelling it to one organ.

Besigye adds that he and his party have vehicles in place that can assist those who need to go to hospitals as well as counselling services.

“Regarding helping those who need to get to health centres again, where those who are affected can get the necessary permissions the vehicles are there, will still help. Additionally, we have rolled out a system of counselling,” Besigye said.