Who is Daniella Atim Mayanja?
Who is Daniella Atim Mayanja?

Who is Daniella Atim Mayanja? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, early life, education and family of singer Jose Chameleone’s wife

Daniella Atim Mayanja is a Ugandan celebrity, mother, businesswoman and wife to singer Jose Chameleone stage name Joseph Mayanja.

Early Life and Education 

Daniella Atim Mayanja was raised by the late father John Scalabrini who was her foster father, however, she loves referring to him as her father because she loves him so much. Father Scalabrini died on 4th, October 2016 and buried at St James Catholic Church, Biina.

He succumbed to cancer of the bone at St Francis Hospital, Nsambya in Kampala, which he suffered from for five years. At the time of his death, Daniella’s father Scalabrini was staying at his home in Luzira, Biina after developing health complications.

He adopted Daniella ever since she was little, and ever since then, she had always considered him a father until his passing away. She’s the sole beneficiary of her late guardian’s properties worth millions which include schools, hospitals, charitable construction company, and real estates among others. She was his best friend. 

He founded Kindergartens, schools, and colleges including Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Primary School and Bishop Cipriano SSS in Luzira, on the outskirts of Kampala. 

Through her Instagram account, Daniella Atim Mayanja remembered the good old times saying father John Scalabrini was the only person who would make her laugh and cry at the same time.

“You are the only person that would make me laugh and cry at the same time, even when I was quiet, you knew exactly what conversation I was having in my head, thank you for being my father and a father to thousands, even that you are no more, I still love you just as I did while you were still alive. Thank you for giving my children so many beautiful memories to last them a lifetime, we will tell Amani all the wonderful things about you, and of course, you remain the best grandpa ever.” 

Daniella’s father, father Scalabrini was born in Limido Comasco Italy in 1934. He migrated to Uganda in 1964 aged 30, and did missionary work for decades, supporting orphans, the poor and homeless among other charitable deeds. 

He was so close to Chameleone and his entire family. Scalabrini is the one who conducted the wedding ceremony of the celebrity couple in June 2008 and he has been a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble.

He is the one who chattered a chopper to pick Chameleone from Tanzania when he broke his legs in the infamous 2009 accident.

Father Scalabrini also oversaw Chameleone’s return to the Catholic faith when it was reported that he had converted to Islam in 2011, which had caused a rift in his family.

When Chameleone was battling an alleged murder case after a boy burnt himself at the singer’s Seguku home in late 2012, Chameleone and his entire family had to vacate the Seguku house because of hostile neighbours and Father Scalabrini came to their rescue by providing an apartment in Biina where they sheltered. 

Daniella atim mayanja late father John Scalabrini
Daniella Atim Mayanja was raised by the late father John Scalabrini, who later succumbed to cancer

Work and Experience

Years back, Chameleone’s wife has together with nine other girls started a charity foundation called Friends Charity. She might have inherited the culture of helping the needy from his father Scalabrini.

“We have been doing this (charity work) for two years now but it has been underground,” said. “But we have realized many people to join us for this good cause. When you give, God will bless you and your family.”

Friends Charity has helped the needy in Soroti, Kampala, Jinja and Wakiso, particularly school children by donating sanitary pads, books, mathematical sets, soap and other school necessities.

“In a situation where girls across the country have no money to buy sanitary pads, they are compelled to skip school during that period, which generally affects their performance and some end up not returning to school,” said Atim who added that they have donated to babies’ homes, the elderly homes and women groups.

Daniella Atim Mayanja – Family

Daniella Atim is married to singer Jose Chameleone and together they have five children namely; Abba Marcus Mayanja, Alfa Joseph Mayanja, Alba Shyne Mayanja, Amma Christian Mayanja and Xarsa Amani Mayanja.

Chameleone is also a father to Ayla Mayanja, his firstborn with ex-girlfriend Dorotia who was from Belgium.

Abba Marcus is a swimming medalist on the Uganda junior’s national team and also released his first single “Game Over” under the name T-REX; Alpha Joseph is a swimmer too. 

They got married in a flashy wedding on the 7th, June 2008, they flew helicopters in the showcase. 

Daniella atim wedding with Chameleone
Daniella Atim is married to Jose Chameleone and together they have five children.

Daniella Atim, now Daniella Atim Mayanja, met her husband, a Ugandan based Singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone way back in 2003 through a friend at Alligators bar, Garden City in Kampala.

Quite unbelievable, Daniella says her close friends, had always looked at such people like Chameleone as failures in society, they were best identified as hooligans with dreadlocked hair, they were attached to all sorts of drug abuse.

“Looked nervous and shy, shockingly, Daniella who comes from a very religious family headed by Rev. Fr. John Scalbrini and her close friends had always looked at such people like Chameleone as losers; ‘We were the kind who were presumed to be descent young girls.”

On the other hand, after a few moments of meeting him, Daniella saw the difference between Chameleone and Joseph. Jose had a different personality far from what the public judged. He was very understanding and caring.

At first, Daniella’s friends thought Chameleone was just playing around with her, but it didn’t take long before they hang with him and eventually became good friends. At home, besides her brother John, everyone else looked at Daniella’s move to date Chameleone as unfortunate. 

They thought Chameleone had a woman and a child and Daniella were interfering into their relationship. “My family felt I deserved a lot better.”

Daniella’s father Fr. Scalabrini was very bitter and disappointed when he learnt about it.

“We were staying under the same roof, but never talked. I felt very bad because at the time he was planning something very important for me, so I opted to leave home,” she recalls adding that,” “I understand my family’s position, I swear to have been worse in their shoes, but I knew they didn’t know the real Chameleon.”

After having Abba in 2005, it got better. “My family seemed to have melted. My dad was deeply in love with Abba. But again, time passed by before he asked me what Jose thought. We talked about it and from the first day they met, my father and Jose became extremely close.”

And amidst the several controversies that emerge about her hubby, Daniella made it a point to explain to her family and friends the truth. 

“They’re the first people to know and I always know more than the media, so I tell my family and friends the truth.”

Daniella Atim filed for Divorce
In 2018, Daniella Atim filed for Divorce, accusing Chameleone of being drunkard.


In 2012, Daniella was arraigned before court and charged with fighting in a public place with a journalist Isaac Katende, a Dembe FM Radio presenter.

Daniella appeared before Makindye Chief Magistrates Court and denied the charge of affray. She was granted a cash bail of Shs2 million by Grade One Magistrate, Flavia Nabakooza Kalungi.

Her two sureties were each asked to execute a non-cash bond of Shs10 million. The sureties included; Kim Kibirige, an artist with Leone Island and Sam Mukasa, also an artist and the manager of Leone Island, a music company owned by her husband and artist, Joseph Mayanja stage name Jose Chameoleone, and represented by Mr Emmanuel Wamimbi.

The charge sheet states that Daniella and Katende, on December 2012, at Monitor Publications office at industrial area, 8th street, Project Zone Wabigalo Parish Makindye Division, Kampala, unlawfully took part in a fight in a public place.

The court issued a criminal summons for Mr Katende as he did not show up in court to enter a plea. It was not mentioned in the charge sheet why the two engaged in a fight.

A source who preferred to speak anonymously says that the flight originated from a disagreement between the journalist and Daniella. The source claims Katende reportedly called Ms Daniella and informed her of his intention to run a ‘dirty’ article about her and a fight ensued.

In 2018, Daniella Atim filed for Divorce. She accused the father of her five children of being a drunkard and a cruel man who physically assaulted her and her children.

Daniella wanted the court to nullify their 10 years old marriage but she later withdrew the case and opted to resolve the matter outside court.

Today, the couple reconciled and are living together once again as husband and wife. Daniella shifted to the US to live with children who are having their education in the United States of America.

It was reported that Chameleone sold off Daniella Villas at a tune of 800 million an apartment complex which is located in Bweyogerere, a Kampala suburb to clear off debts of a house he bought in the United States of America.