J Kazoora
Who is J Kazoora?

Who is David J Kazoora? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, and family of Uganda’s celebrated entertainer.

David Kazoora aka Dave J Kazoora, J stands for genius is a media personality, Television Presenter, businessman, father and a husband.

J Kazoora – Work and Experience

David J Kazoora is one of the celebrated entertainers in Uganda’s entertainment industry. His career began while he was still young, from nursery school he was always the best entertainer.

Although Kazoora is a great entertainer, he says he cannot do comedy because it’s a difficult field of entertainment. Kazoora says it’s extremely hard to make people laugh.

However, he enjoys comedy skirts especially from Pablo, Alex Muhangi, Salvador, and MC Snake.

J Kazoora says his first job as a Television Presenter Jam Agenda, an entertainment show airing on WBS; he used to earn UGShs20.000 per show. He made the revelation while appearing on NBS TV’s Uncut Sabula a celebrity talk show until he left the screens and joined events organization among other things notably production.

Kazoora was responding to Sheilah Gashumba’s rants over her 50,000 Uganda shillings pay per show the time she worked as a presenter on NTV Uganda via her twitter handle. 

Sheilah Gashumba exposed NTV and other media houses for paying little money to its workers. She confirmed that most employees in the Media industry are poor and she doesn’t look exactly like their brands.

The statement made by Sheilah brainstormed many different people who thought that presenters earn a lot. 

david j kazoora
J Kazoora says his first job as a Television Presenter Jam Agenda.

In this case, Kazoora sided with the station and dropped a bombshell that back then when he was still the Jam Agenda presenter, he used to earn She20.000.

“I used to earn Shs180.000 plus other benefits, of course, it was okay money because of the platform the show gave me,” he said while being interviewed on NBS Uncut.

Kazoora further stated that instead of presenters coming out to cry of little pay, it should be the producers, cameramen, and other technical guys because they do all the work that we see on the screens.

However, Kazoora says he was letting Sheilah know that attacking her former station was not the right move. That aside, Sheila was getting UGX 100 thousand for a 30-minutes show, which Kazoora believes was good pay. 

As a TV Presenter David J Kazoora says he faced a challenge when his girlfriend’s Parents rejected him because they think TV presenters are poor.

His girlfriend’s parents hated his job because TV presenters are poor people who want professionals with high-class jobs.

The veteran TV Presenter is a TV Producer and Director Buddies TV Production, CEO MAGIC 1 HD & MAGIC 100FM. Buddies Production is responsible for creating TV concepts and recording adverts.

Other projects by the famous presenter include bars and several others. 

Between 2007 and 2008, David J Kazoora was awarded the employee of the year the time he worked at Pepsi Cola Company.

J Kazoora presenter Jam Agenda
David J Kazoora is one of the celebrated entertainers in Uganda, here with Sean Kingston.

Kazoora’s favourite food

  • Rice and chicken
  • G.nuts 
  • Matooke and eshabwe

Favourite drink

Nile Special (We are special people) he says.


RnB: Chris Brown, Usher, Boyz II Men, Fille, Andy Music and Irene Ntale.

J Kazoora as well likes Juliana and her music; he says she’s a good person.

Talking about the most beautiful Ugandan musician Kazoora says; “You know with musician, beauty comes with respect. The most beautiful has to be someone who does not sleep with DJs to play her music or producers to get her beats. Maybe the most beautiful is Esther Nabassa. She is graceful, happily married and I think has the best voice.”

David J Kazoora – Family

J Kazoora is married with children

Favourite colours

Black and a touch of red