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Who is Dicksons Collins Kateshumbwa?

Who is Dicksons Collins Kateshumbwa?: Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, family, wife, tribe, wealth, hotel, work and experience, political career, Sheema Municipality, early life and education of the former Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Commissioner.

Dicksons Collins Kateshumbwa is a Ugandan administrator, former Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Commissioner. 

He served in the Customs Investigation department and domestic taxes at URA, Chairman World Customs Organization (CWCO), Chairman Board of Trustees URA Staff Retirements Benefits Scheme, among others.  

Kateshumbwa resigned from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in May 2020 just after Commissioner General Doris Akol’s firing by the fountain of honours, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni over skyrocketing corruption at URA. 

He served the tax body for 14 years and his resignation came in shortly after he was appointed head domestic taxes docket, with no justified reason.

It was alleged that Kateshumbwa connived with major importers to rake in millions of dollars leaving the tax purse empty.

Following his resignation, Kateshumbwa was proud of the great countless reforms implemented that transferred customs. He however vowed to use the knowledge in his next assignment.

Kateshumbwa succeeded Mr Pravin Gordhan, the current minister of public Enterprise, the Republic of South Africa who served as the chairperson from 2001 to 2006, the first-ever in Africa.        

Early Life and Education

Dicksons Kateshumbwa was born in Sheema District, Western region of Uganda in 1977. He attended Ntare School, a famous and one of the best schools in Western Uganda. 

After completing secondary school, Kateshumbwa joined Delhi University graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce in 2003. 

In 2005, Kateshumbwa proceeded with school and attained a master’s degree in business Administration (Finance) at Sikkim Manipal University of Health. 

Later, Kateshumbwa attained a diploma in Management Information Technology also from India.

dicksons kateshumbwa with Doris Akol
Kateshumbwa resigned from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) just months after URA’s Commissioner General Doris Akol was fired over escalating corruption.

Work and Experience

Dicksons Kateshumbwa is well-educated, well exposed in the economic sector including travelling the world. Kateshumbwa is an asset to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) a sector he joined in 2006 serving in different capacities for 14 years. 

Kateshumbwa first joined URA as a customs officer, after some time he was promoted to the position of Supervisor, then Commissioner Customs, Assistance Commissioner Audit and later on to Commissioner before his resignation.

Serving at URA, Kateshumbwa in 2019 was elected the Chairperson of the World Customs Organization Council including serving all over. This was the first time an African country chaired the council ever since its inception over 68 years ago. Uganda’s Kateshumbwa won the race globally including the then strong contender Russia.

The World Customs Organization is an intergovernmental organization with its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. It aims to see the development of international conventions, instruments and tools on topics such as commodity classification, valuation, rules of origin to assist with customs reforms and modernization.

In 2020, drama erupted when Kateshumbwa failed to explain his source of wealth. Security tightened the noose around him after he failed to explain how he accumulated his massive wealth.

Security developed an interest in Kateshumbwa’s wealth after it emerged that he owns a fleet of long-haul trucks and trailers estimated to be more than $1m on top of a top Clearing and Forwarding firm. 

It was alleged that Kateshumbwa used his clearing and forwarding firm in managing public projects, raising questions of conflict of interest.

Kateshumbwa served as Commissioner Customs for over 12 years and was named Commissioner for Domestic Taxes in 2019.

During his term of office, Kateshumbwa oversaw the construction of various One-Stop Border points at various entries that includes Malaba and Elegu.

Kateshumbwa firmed the digital tracking of transit goods, to ensure that traders don’t offload goods here even after declaring them going to the third country. He confirmed that he made 18 reforms in Customs in the five years he served the tax body as a Commissioner.    


After quitting URA, Kateshumbwa joined politics; he contested for the Sheema Municipality in Western Uganda during the 2021 general elections under the National Resistance Movement (NRM), Sheema District and won the race. 

This was after serving URA for 14 years.

ura dicksons kateshumbwa biography
Kateshumbwa joined politics after quitting URA; he contested for the Sheema Municipality and won. FILE PHOTO

Other Responsibilities

Dicksons Kateshumbwa is the owner of Park View Safari Lodge close to Queen Elizabeth National Park. In July 2020, 15 cottages, the main restaurant building and an office gutted fire causing


The fire originated from Queen Elizabeth National Park, but the Uganda Wildlife Authority denied responsibility for the fire outbreak.