Who is DJ Nimrod?
Who is DJ Nimrod?

Who is DJ Nimrod? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, music, wife, family, DJ career, radio presenter, early life and education of Nabeeta Nimrod.

DJ Nimrod is a radio presenter and a club DJ who works at Kampala’s youth radio station known as Galaxy FM and he rose to fame in 2013 after hosting a radio show known as mid-morning Tukone still at Galaxy FM

Currently, he hosts an evening show known as the evening rush at Galaxy FM together with Prim Asiimwe and Little Joe. 

Nimrod is among the urban DJs Uganda still celebrates regardless of his controversies and he is still being remembered for his controversial club parties such as the single’s bash that were organized at club Amnesia before it was closed down. 

He is among the few Ugandan DJs that are comfortable with mixing various music genres that will bring the house down at all cost. 

Early life and education

DJ Nimrod birth name Nabeeta Nimrod was born in 1987 in Kampala, Uganda and he is a Munyankole by birth. He comes from the family of Mr and Mrs Nabeeta who comes from the Ibanda district although they shifted before Nimrod was born and they came to the central region. 

Nabeeta started his education journey at Christ the King Nursery school and later he joined Buganda road primary school for his primary education. 

After his primary education, Nimrod joined Kitante hill school for his O level and after his O level education, Nimrod joined St. Steven’s high school in Bweyogere. 

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He later joined a Multi-tech business school where he pursued a diploma in Business Administration but after his diploma, he joined the computer science class although he did not graduate. 

Nimrod’s first stage show was at Labonita
Nimrod’s first stage show was at Labonita where Ape man gave him a chance to mix during the comedy nights that could happen at this same spot.

DJ Career

Nimrod’s love and passion for music grew when he was in high school to be specific during his A- level at St. Steven where he was elected as the entertainment prefect. 

He remembers miming plus also organizing school parties but during all these events he could be next to the DJ and wanted to adventure what happens when one is mixing music. 

After his senior six education, his friend connected him to a gentleman known as Frank who had a mobile disco and he became an understudy DJ of Image sounds. 

His boss later connected him to his first bar called Victoria Tervan where he got a chance to connect with various musicians in the industry who used to drink from this same spot and this helped him in making a name. 

Nimrod connected with DJ Apeman another big DJ around Kampala who had a night at the National theatre and used to play from there. 

After some time DJ Apeman officially left the night for Nimrod who established his name out of this night. His passion for mixing music didn’t only end with linking up with DJ Apeman but he later connected with DJ Shiru who also taught him some mixing techniques.

Nimrod’s first stage show was at Labonita where Ape man gave him a chance to mix during the comedy nights that could happen at this same spot but his first international show was when he played at cricket oval on the P square concert. 

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Nimrod adds that his first payment as a DJ was around 5000 shillings.

Radio career

Nimrod was among the DJs of the Fun factory which was a comedy group and among its sponsors was a company known as a Blue cube and its owner was Innocent the founder of Galaxy FM

Innocent had a bar known as Virgin Island in Bugolobi and he invited Nimrod to play in his bar which he did after and according to Nimrod he brought the house down which the innocent loved. 

Later Innocent opened up a bar called Amnesia and among the DJs he recruited was DJ Nimrod who could host various nights in Amnesia and through these various nights he learned how to communicate with people and later when Innocent opened up Galaxy FM, Nimrod was among the first people he recruited. 

His first show on the radio was a Saturday morning show but he could not manage it because of the nature of his job. He was a night club DJ who could leave clubs in the morning and could not manage to host morning shows.  

Nimrod later opted for a weekly mid-morning show which could air from 10 am to 3 pm and was known as the mid-morning Tukone. 

Various segments in the show included; mixing of music, relationship talk but currently, he is among the hosts of an evening show known as the evening rush still at Galaxy FM and he also hosts oldies show every Saturday from 5 pm to 8 pm

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Nimrod is among the top male radio personalities in the country.

dj nimrod galaxy fm
Nimrod adds that his first payment as a DJ was around 5000 shillings.


Nimrod is a family man with three children and he is seeing someone who he does not want to expose in the limelight.


  • Best Kandake DJ, 2015
  • Best high school DJ, 2017
  • MUBS’ conducted the best DJ
  • Uganda entertainment awards, best radio host, 2017



In 2020, Nimrod was dumped by Nambi Brenda alias Ravy Brenda who has two kids together and Nambi went on her social media platform and she announced that she was officially single which left Nimrod’s followers buzzed. 

Earlier on Nambi had accused Nimrod of being a sex pest and she was once involved in a bitter war with Natalie Kanata over Nimrod.

Nimrod love triangle never gets to an end after being dumped by Nambi, Joel Isabirye came into the puzzle and he snatched Nimrod’s girlfriend known as Natty K. 

Isabirye went ahead and carried out a traditional introduction ceremony which left Nimrod heartbroken.

During the Covid-19 crisis, Nimrod was arrested by police for distributing food to those stakeholders in the industry. He was later released on bond with the help of Balaam.

Nimrod was the organizer of the famous singles bash that used to go down at club Amnesia but it later turned out to be a strip night and he was criticized for organizing strip nights. Later the management of the club called off the night.