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Scientifically it is proven that antibiotics could make you tired, and dependent on the response of the individual particularly. All antibiotics including amoxicillin are designed to treat all the kinds of infections caused by bacteria that interrupt our normal body processes and balance by which feelings of fatigue or dizziness could happen.

Furthermore, as these antibiotics work killing or inhibiting the growth of bacteria normal production of energy disrupts due to which body feeling tired or it happens sensation of drowsiness. To find how amoxicillin works for you then this article is designed to it here:

What is amoxicillin 

Amoxicillin is one of the antibiotic medications that belong to the family of penicillin. Internationally proven to treat all kinds of bacterial infections not only in humans but in animals as well. In addition, it works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and all the conditions by which they could breed are removed by it.

Moreover, bacteria that are present already are being killed by a specific formula on which it is created. It creates holes in the cell wall of bacteria by which it dies rapidly. There are a variety of methods to intake amoxicillin it could be taken in the form of tablets, capsules, or injections as well.

How amoxicillin works for the body 

There is a tactic in working of amoxicillin to kill bacteria from our body and prevent the entering of further in the form of antigens. Let’s have a look at the stages of its functioning:

  • The first step is penetration in which amoxicillin penetrates the bacterial cell wall to enter the body of bacteria.
  • Next is inhibition in which amoxicillin inhibits all the processes and functioning in the bacterial cell. For this process, one enzyme is involved called transpeptidase. That creates cross-linking between the molecules of peptidoglycan.
  • Then comes the phase of weakening, in which amoxicillin prevents the formation of the new cell wall in bacteria, and makes the previous one weaker and permeable.
  • Next starts the process of returning, In this phase cell wall of bacteria couldn’t withstand further pressure from outside and ruptures. Due to this all the content present in the cell leaks which leads to the death of the bacterial cell.
  • The last phase of amoxicillin action is elimination, in this phase as bacteria is died immune system of the human body removes it from the body.

In this way, bacteria get died and our body starts to recover from that infection because no other bacteria act to spoil it further.

List of antibiotics that cause fatigue 

All the antibiotics are designed according to some specific formula and for particular functioning as well. These all are created for the benefit of humans but giving relief also leaves some side effects. Here is a list of antibiotics by taking which fatigue happens:

  • Penicillin
  • Cephalosporin’s
  • Macrolides
  • Tetracycline
  • Levofloxacin

Why does amoxicillin cause fatigue

in most of the people who used amoxicillin fatigue was observed. Here some are of the reasons by it happens:

  • Amoxicillin disrupts the bacteria present in the gut, which leads to some major changes in our metabolism and results in feelings of fatigue and tiredness.
  • As some beneficial bacteria are being killed by amoxicillin intake due to the normal absorption rate reduction to the minimum which leads to fatigue.
  • Amoxicillin has a direct effect on our brains as well. Because the function of some neurotransmitters gets affected by having it, we feel tired normally.
  • The immune system of the human body is highly involved to fight with the bacteria while using amoxicillin, which is an energy-intensive process. It is one more reason why we feel tired.
  • There are also some other factors due to which It becomes hard on us like aging, body composition, or some medical history.

Side effects of using amoxicillin 

There are a lot of effects that could happen in our body due to using amoxicillin, some of these are most commonly observed:

  • Allergic reactions or swelling on lips, face, or other parts of body, redness or irritation.
  • Stomach disorders or occurrence of severe diarrhea.
  • Liver damage or its signs could be seen on the face or body as well.
  • Kidney problems, which could lead to swelling in hands or feet or fatigue.
  • Blood disorders, that could lead to excessive bleeding from some parts of the body

Ways to combat fatigue from amoxicillin 

If you are taking amoxicillin and getting feelings of fatigue or some other symptoms, then here are some guidelines you could follow to recover your body to a great extent:

  • Take adequate rest, enough sleep at night and rest throughout the day is essential to take to get rid of the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Try to keep your body hydrated, and take plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Get instructions from your healthcare provider regularly.

Food while using amoxicillin 

While using amoxicillin when you feel tired or down here it is a diet plan you could follow:

  • Fruits and vegetables which are rich in proteins
  • Foods rich in lean proteins
  • Foods that are a good source of carbohydrates
  • plenty of water


If you are obsessed with any kind of bacterial infection as well, and suffering from the side effects of amoxicillin. Then here is detailed information that how it works. By which ways it eradicates bacteria from our body. When it should be used. And which diet plan and lifestyle modifications are crucial while taking it. In case of any concern get it through to find detailed information. But in case of facing any severity, it is good to seek advice from your healthcare provider.