DPP Chibita orders CID
DPP Chibita to prosecute judicial officers implicated in the investigative media reports

DPP Chibita to prosecute judicial officers implicated in the investigative media reports

The Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP), is set to prosecute judicial officers and other government officials who will be found guilty following the recent print and electronic media investigative reports that saw them receiving bribes to grant suspects bail.

The DPP Justice Mike Chibita says they are going to use the print and electronic media evidence portrayed to pin implicated officials.

“We have directed the Director of CID, to commence investigations and follow up these reports and generate files against the people named, so that prosecution can take place against any people implicated in these reports,” DPP Chibita said.

Chibita says he has opened up case files for each suspect cited in the media reports. He, however, asked the media to further work with them to expose other criminal cases in judiciary.

“This one which we are doing with you is a one-off, it’s not one of our most common ways of dealing, but we thought that because you have exposed something, it’s our duty or mandate to pick up. So, whenever crime happens whichever way it’s brought to our attention we follow it up,” Chibita said.

DPP Chibita also said that reporters who will expose cases of corruption will be protected by security agencies where need be.

“And therefore, if you have a situation where you require protection, then definitely you can approach the police and if you want our help, then we can assist. But you see it’s one of those things where we have to balance because if you are going out for your investigation, first of all, you don’t tell many people, because if you tell many people then the story will leak out and then your story will be worthless.”

It was indicated in the investigative media report that judicial officers that include; Magistrates, prosecutors and court clerks demand bribes from suspects, even when they fulfil court demands before they are granted bail.