Kizza Besigye step out of politics
Dr Kizza Besigye vows not to quit the liberation struggle. File Photo

Dr Kizza Besigye said he’s not fighting for Ugandans who are exerting much pressure on him to leave politics but for his freedom

Dr Kizza Besigye, former FDC president, the four-time presidential contestant and the leader People’s Government said he’s not going to step out of politics not until he “liberates” himself.

During his address at the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party 15th anniversary celebrations held on Monday 16th, December 2019 at Namboole Stadium.

In his address, Dr Kizza Besigye said he’s not fighting for Ugandans who are exerting much pressure on him to leave politics but for his freedom.

“I’m not fighting for you. I am fighting for myself to be free. Those who have been telling me to go away because I have been in the struggle for a long time, I assure you that I am not going to leave until I liberate myself,” Besigye said.

“My mission is not to be a leader, but to be in a free country where I can walk with “swag” and I am sure I will achieve this one day,” Besigye added.

The follows social media pressures particularly from People Power supporters, a pressure group led by the Kyadondo East legislator, Robert Kyagulanyi common name Bobi Wine telling Kizza Besigye not to contest in 2021 presidential elections but rather joins them and support Bobi Wine against the incumbent.

Bobi Wine telling Kizza Besigye
Bobi Wine telling Besigye not to contest in 2021 presidential elections

Citing the recent verdict from the High Court where he was told to go find justice in his court since he swore himself in as a president-elect of the Republic of Uganda after rejecting elections results and the Supreme Court ruling on the alleged vote-rigging during the 2016 presidential elections.

But Besigye says his major involvement in politics is to liberate institutions for instance courts which work under president Museveni.

Also, Besigye accused president Museveni’s government of perpetuating divisionism within opposition parties.

FDC achievements

Dr Besigye says for the last 15years, FDC has managed to mobilise and appoint party leaders in all districts of Uganda.

Kizza Besigye also said that it because of FDC pressure exerted on government that today the country has better policies like taking care of the elderly.

He says those saying that FDC has done nothing should stop, arguing that the small thing things Uganda has the achievement, is as a result of FDC efforts.

“Many Ugandans have been saying that FDC has done nothing, but they have forgotten that the little things that are being done in this country are because of our efforts. We thus have a lot to celebrate in our 15 years of struggle,” Besigye said.

He also said that FDC managed to make the government drop certain policies for instance; the idea of cost-sharing in the education and health sector.

“Because of our struggle, the government abolished the idea of cost-sharing in health and education sector. The government had abolished free healthcare and education when it said Ugandans should pay half of the other. But government abandoned those plans and brought back free health,” Besigye said.

Earlier on Monday, drama associated with running battles turned up at Namboole Stadium when FDC Party security team clashed with police as FDC’s party members turned up to mark the Party’s 16th-anniversary ceremony.

But after a short while, FDC’s planned activities resumed.

The chaotic and dramatic event began when FDC enforcement team grew suspicious of whom they thought was not an FDC member after failing to answer basic questions asked.

As the team tried to push the intruder out of the event premises, they noted he was a police officer on duty wearing ordinary clothes.

As a result, the FDC security team accused police officers on ground of helping the Police officer in ordinary clothes who turned to be intruder access the event venue purposely to disrupt their celebrations.

Commenting on the matter, the Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire denied the accusation that indicates that police had an evil eye towards FDC celebrations.

He says police’s work is to provide security, not anything else.