Electoral Commission polling stations
EC insists that Cameras will not be allowed at Polling Stations. File Photo

As Uganda prepares for the 2021 general elections, Electoral Commission (EC) insists that Cameras will not be allowed at Polling Stations.

Speaking at the activities conducted together with the United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) to mark the International day on Democracy, Electoral Commission Chairperson, Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama said the camera will not be allowed at polling stations in 2021 general elections.

Byabakama said that cameras confuse and scare away voters because some people fear to appear before the camera and others prefer secrecy when voting.

He adds that Electoral Commission has always discouraged cameras in all elections, they have ever held in Uganda.

“Even in elections we have been holding we always indicate or say that cameras are not permitted at polling stations,” Byabakama said

“The secrecy of one’s ballot! Must be protected, must be preserved and must be jealously guarded. I want you to imagine when that kathing (camera) come over you and people are in the line about to vote they will take off. They take off! and you know some of our actors, political actors would have told them, they are going to record you, they are going to see whom you’re voting for.”

Ever since Justice Byabakama took office as the EC boss from Engineer Badru Kigundu, this will be his first time to hold general elections in the country.

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However, he says the country must be assured of free and fair elections because their interest is to ensure that Ugandan gets what they want from them.

“The Electoral Commission interest and desire! Is to ensure that people are satisfied with our work. We operate in a transparent open manner, every activity taking place we want people to know. That’s why we rolled down the road map as early as December 2018, such that everybody knows that that’s what is going to take place. We do not do anything shredded in mystery,” Byabakama said.

At the event, United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) partners called upon Ugandans to participate in the sensitisation events, before the elections and not just wait to cast a ballot on the elections day.