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cherry red hair on dark skin

Red hair is often associated with fair skin, but there are actually many shades of this gorgeous hue available. From burgundy to auburn, these regal tones come in tones that flatter all complexions and face shapes!

Dark skinned women should exercise caution when selecting their hues, as darker hues can often make your complexion appear sallow. 

Fortunately, an experienced stylist can assist you in finding the ideal shade to complement your skin tone.

Different Shades of Red Hair on Dark Skin

red hair on dark skin


Red is a timeless hair color that looks fantastic on darker skin tones. To make it appear more intense, use deep shades or add highlights or ombre to add some brightness.

Brown hair colors look lovely against dark skin tones, from honey and ash shades to golden tones that look completely natural.

Blonde hair colors look fantastic on dark-skinned women, especially platinum blonde. It’s an effective way to make your locks stand out without looking too dramatic.

Dark-skinned women can use light brown dye to brighten up their mane without going too far. It won’t look unnatural and is an ideal option for any special occasion.


Are you searching for something different with your hair color? Blue is the perfect choice. Not only does it reflect light beautifully, but it also flatters dark skin tones in various ways – making it incredibly versatile for any type of woman.

Cool ashy blues are great for darker skin tones, adding subtle dimension without looking washed out. For a more vibrant blue, try opting for an intense royal hue to really stand out.

Blonde is a timeless color choice for women of color, especially those with darker complexions. It can enhance all types of dark skin tones from olive to deep.

Red hair is a popular choice for those with darker skin tones, and it’s easy to understand why. The natural contrast between lighter skin and red hair gives off an irresistibly deep aesthetic that’s hard not to love.


White hair is one of the hottest colors this year, and it looks especially gorgeous on dark skin. The white highlights provide a chic contrast that looks very sophisticated and glamorous.

Burgundy red can give your black locks an eye-catching dimension. Go all-out if you’re looking to make a bold statement or opt for subtle touches of color for an understated aesthetic.

On dark skin with cool undertones like platinum or ashy brown, the hue looks stunning. This trending color has become a favorite of celebrities and you can try it for yourself!

Fantasy media often features characters with dark skin and white hair. These characters often possess unusual abilities or belong to races with magical characteristics, making their physical appearance stand out as something unique and remarkable.

White people often associate “mysticism” and other stereotypic terms with brown cultures, reinforcing the idea that Northern European features are superior and desirable – an increasingly distressing trend for BIPOC audiences.


Blonde hair can be an amazing way to add some flair and lift your mood, but you must select the shade that works best with your skin tone in order to get maximum benefits from this style.

For those with dark skin, finding the ideal blonde shade that flatters them is key. Warmer hues like golden or honey are ideal because they add a healthy sheen to the complexion.

Ash blonde is an ideal color option for black women with cooler undertones, as it complements medium to light brown skin and can be worn as highlights.

Natural blonde is an ideal choice for people with dark hair, as it tends to blend in with skintone and requires less upkeep.

Aside from blonde, there are other hues of hair color that may complement your skin tone. Popular choices include platinum, ash and beach blonde.

Blonde hair

What Are Some Fashion Tips for People With Red Hair and Dark Skin

When it comes to fashion tips for people with red hair and dark skin, it’s important to consider both skin tone and hair color. According to Stitch Fix Style, people with warm undertones in their skin should choose colors that reflect those tones, such as camel, orange, gold, scarlet red, and ochre. 

On the other hand, people with cool undertones should choose blues, teals, lilacs, lavenders, and soft rose colors. 

Belle Tag suggests that people with warm undertones should go for earthy tones like olive green, browns, burnt sienna, and orange-based reds. They also recommend gold jewelry for those with golden, yellow, or peach undertones in their skin.

Monroe and Main recommends warm color tones for those with olive, golden, beige, or brown skin tones, such as red, orange, and golden yellow. They also suggest that women with dark brown, golden brown, red, or auburn hair will stand out against these warm colors. 

Hairstyle Camp suggests that dark red hair colors like burgundy, cherry, and dark auburn are perfect for those with dark skin tones. They also recommend highlights or ombre in lighter shades like blonde or brown to create a special appearance.


In summary, people with red hair and dark skin should consider warm colors that reflect their skin’s undertones, such as camel, orange, gold, scarlet red, and ochre. 

Earthy tones like olive green, browns, burnt sienna, and orange-based reds are also recommended. Warm color tones like red, orange, and golden yellow can complement olive, golden, beige, or brown skin tones, and dark red hair colors like burgundy, cherry, and dark auburn can look fantastic. 

Finally, highlights or ombre in lighter shades like blonde or brown can create a special appearance.