fred enanga 50 notorious criminals arrested in crackdown operations (1)
Fred Enanga the police spokesperson

In the area of Kigaga zone, Nateete-Rubaga Division, the Territorial Police, in coordination with the Flying Squad, CID have arrested 53 more notorious individuals known for carrying out armed robberies using pangas, iron bars and knives.

The Territorial police in close coordination with the Flying Squad, CID at Old Kampala Division have arrested 53 more notorious suspects following crackdown operations against criminal elements, suspected of carrying out armed robberies with pangas, iron bars and knives in the areas of Kigaga zone, Nateete-Rubaga Division.

According to Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, an assortment of exhibits including four DVDs, a hair dryer, counterfeit notes of 5000, 3 subwoofers with speakers, 4 pangas, 2 hammers, 2 knives, toolbox labelled “Mpigi”, keyboard, Sayona Flat Tv 42 inch, TLS Tv18 inch, 3 mobile phones, 4 pliers, one peak axe, one bow saw, microphone, opium sticks, screw drives, UMEME cable wire (15 metres long), Torch, Tv Antenna and padlocks were recovered.

Enanga said another operation targeting armed assailants, was conducted in Katwe Kinyoro Zone in Kibuye, against thugs involved in criminal acts of phone snatching, smash-and-grab using pavers, mugging of people, along Entebbe road, clock tower, Makindye road, Nsambya road and Stella Zone. 

“Out of the 30 suspects, 24 were screened out and these include; Abraham Meri, Musanyu Comfort, Mujuni Eric, Bamwine Silver, Raymond Squad, Tushabe Asuman Victor, Nasasira Owen, Amanya Christopher, Byaruhanga Ivan, Mugerwa Keneth, Nuwamanya Keneth, Ahereza Mathias, Byakatonda Moses, Ngobi Robert, Akandinda Julius, Seruga Drake, Yesigye Sunday, Ahimbisibwe Noah, Bamwine Alex, Sewankambo Muhamad, Talemwa Godwin, Otyango Joseph, Wodeya Vincent and Amanize Brian. An assortment of exhibits was recovered which included; 3 flat screens, 3 cameras, electronics, house breaking implements, knives and 50kgs of smashed opium was recovered.”

“The task team further proceeded with an intelligence led sting operation on 18.04.2022, in the Kevina zone, where 26 suspects were arrested. Another batch of exhibits was recovered which included; 78 TV flat screens, 54 mobile phones, a mattress, 1 generator, 1 motorcycle, 2 recorders, a welding plant, 2 surveying machines, 2 laptops, 2 warmers, a slashing machine, 20 motorcycle engines, 2 radius, 2 pianos, 04 cameras, 1 passport of a US citizen, among others,” Enanga said.

In a separate development, the police spokesperson said a local Askari identified as Benjamin Ivan Eriya, grappled with one of the armed robbers, who had a knife and iron bar, while making an alarm, which attracted tenants and neighbours, who responded and subdued the suspect.  

The gang according to Enanga, attacked the rental units of Mawejje Juma, on April 13th at around 2am, at Katale Busabala cell. He revealed that the police responded but found when the suspected robber had succumbed to injuries at the scene.

“In addition, on the 16.04.2022 at around 3am a group of 3 robbers, armed with pangas, broke into the room of Magada Yesere and robbed him of his TV, laptop bag, 2 mobile phones (ITEL). The robbers were however, identified by the defence secretary of Wabiyinja zone; as Katumba Muzafaru, General Fung Bar and Kasawo Young. They mobilised and pursued the suspects and managed to arrest Katumba muzafaru and also recovered the Tv, black laptop bag and clothes. We do strongly such mobilisation drives from the community.”

“Most of the suspects arrested in the last couple of weeks are hardened criminals, and youth who have turned to armed robberies as a way of making money. They subscribe to the “GREENS” a new criminal gang based in Kyengera and Kasolo Groups in Luyinja-Namungoona and Kibulooka in Nansana. Our operations have hit several of their locations, causing a huge dent into their criminal acts in Namungoona, Kasubi, Nansana, Nabweru and Kyengera,” he added.