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The cost of a family float experience in Uganda is approximately USD 30.00 for adults and USD 20.00 for children. PHOTO/COURTESY

With a family float adventure, you can experience the Nile in the best possible way. If you have young children and want to know how much it costs for a family float in Uganda, read on.

If you are interested in a family adventure on the Nile, but you have young children, then a family float adventure in Uganda is the way to go, but how much will it cost you? Let’s find out below.

Jinja, which lies in the Southeastern part of Uganda is ideal for escaping city life and embracing the call of the wild. 

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a chance to slow down and take in the serenity of the countryside, there is truly something for everyone here.

For those looking for family-friendly sightseeing options, float trips are an incredible way to see and appreciate nature

Float past lush green forests and incredible natural formations while your guides educate you about the region’s history. Put on your life jacket and prepare to float down the river in comfort as you enjoy the views.

Beautiful islands, abundant birdlife, and flat, slow-moving water combine to make this the ideal short family outing for young and old alike.

This two-hour family float is ideal for small children. With a minimum age of four and plenty of opportunities to splash in the Nile’s waters, this trip is ideal for families looking for a morning adventure.

Even grandparents are welcome on this trip just like younger family members. There are numerous opportunities for children to swim, always under the watchful eye of safety kayakers.

It costs approximately USD 30.00 for each adult and USD 20.00 for each child to have a family float experience in Uganda

You can enjoy the ride for a distance of about 7 kilometres on the Nile for a period of one and a half to two hours.

You can book your trip as soon as possible with Nalubale rafting at the above cost.

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Nalubale rafting’s family float is located about 20 minutes outside Jinja, in the same place as whitewater rafting. PHOTO/NALUBALE RAFTING

For a family float experience,

  • Light clothing, such as shorts and a t-shirt, is recommended.
  • An abundance of suntan lotion.
  • Minimum age of four years of fitness. 
  • No prior rafting experience is required, but clients should be comfortable with being on the water.
  • Towel and an extra set of clothes for the end of the day are needed 
  • Any medication that may be necessary should be carried.
  • Keep some additional money for optional extras

At Nalubale rafting, the starting point for family float is the same as that for whitewater rafting – about a 20-minute drive outside of Jinja.

After a quick briefing, tourists are taken to the river above the rapid ‘Jaws’, which is a large volume grade 2+ rapid that can get everyone wet and their adrenaline pumping!

Pyramid (Grade 2) and ‘Giggitty Giggitty’ (Grade 1) rapids follow before floating and meandering down the river, where tourists are allowed to stop, swim and enjoy the riverine life and natural surroundings.

A total of 6 kilometres of the river just above the big grade 5 rapids ‘Overtime’ and ‘The Dutchman’ is what is covered during the family float experience.

You can combine this trip with brunch or lunch at The Haven lodge, which is directly across the street from the Nalubale rafting company in Jinja. This company can also transport tourists back to Jinja town.

At Nalubale rafting, a family float trip follows the standard logistics of whitewater trips conducted by the same company, which means adhering to the times specified. 

Even tourists in large groups and are interested in a tailor-made trip can be provided with a customized itinerary and price. 

This is an ideal trip for school groups looking for a half-day itinerary that can be combined with other activities such as mountain biking or horseback riding to create an unforgettable adventure day in Jinja.


Most companies offering family float trips do not offer transport to and from the destination. 

However, some have shuttles in Kampala that you can use. 

What to bring for a family float trip

  • On the water, wear shorts and a t-shirt – if you are prone to sunburn, consider long sleeves.
  • Sunscreen. You’ll be out in the sun for two hours – sunburn is the most common type of injury seen during these trips.
  • A change of clothes for the drive home, including a hoody or jacket.
  • Any medication that is taken on an individual basis.
  • A water bottle. The use of plastic bottles has been discontinued by companies offering family float trips in Jinja. Instead, water is available throughout the day, and cups are provided if necessary.
  • Money to be paid upon arrival. Also, additional items such as t-shirts can be purchased at the base.
  • A sense of humour. It contributes significantly to the day’s enjoyment.

River floats are a tranquil activity that the entire family can enjoy. The passenger rafts are fully equipped for comfort, including elevated wood floorboards that keep shoes dry. 

Don’t forget to carry a camera to capture the Nile’s breathtaking scenery, and prepare for a relaxing ride.

Companies offering family float in Uganda

river floats ADRIFT (1)
Adventure company ADRIFT will guide you through some of the most authentic and unique Nile activities. PHOTO/ADRIFT

Nalubale rafting

Nalubale, which is British-owned, has risen to prominence as a leading rafting company in Uganda. Its excellent trips begin with thorough safety training. 

Families can opt for a more relaxed float trip (US$40/25 for adults/children). There is no charge for rafters staying here or on the Nile.


The most popular and respected adventure company in Uganda, ADRIFT, will guide you through some of the most authentic and unique activities on the Nile. 

The team consists of local and international experts with extensive experience in rafting and adventure travel around the world.

Other companies offering family float trips include Raft Uganda Adventures and Nile River Safaris.

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