FIFA Gianni Infantino deadly coronavirus
FIFA chief Gianni Infantino calls for calm over deadly coronavirus. Photo/Agency

FIFA president Gianni Infantino urges football associations to remain calm over deadly coronavirus 

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has called on football governing bodies in particular countries not to panic over the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

While addressing UEFA’s member associations at the governing body’s Congress meeting in Amsterdam, FIFA chief Infantino said that football organisations should not panic as they try to take measures against the deadly Coronavirus.

“Some of you have had to take important decisions in this respect. Every competition organiser has to study it of course and has to take decisions. It is important to consider all the information from the authorities, but it’s also important not to panic,” Infantino said.

Infantino who was first to give an example of a colleague who told him that football can be an antidote to the virus advised that some football governing bodies can as well emulate Switzerland were events involving big congregations of up to 1000 people where suspended.

 “Someone said to me football can be an antidote to coronavirus. I wouldn’t go that far, but sometimes football is an antidote to many other illnesses like discrimination and racism, and this is a fight we need to fight altogether.”

Those who have to make decisions, like happened in Switzerland, will take decisions and then be able to move forward,” he advised.

FIFA Gianni Infantino deadly coronavirus
FIFA chief Gianni Infantino calls for calm over deadly coronavirus. Photo/Agency

Last week, the Swiss government suspended any public event at which more than 1,000 people are expected to be in attendance. Relatively, the Swiss Football Association suspending league matches until March 23.

Many other sporting events in different countries have been postponed and the football calendar has also been rescheduled with Serie A in Italy one of the main victims.

In Italy, the outbreak saw up to five fixtures postponed to later dates as a precautionary measure to limit the spread of the deadly COVD -19.

The leagues in Japan and South Korea were also postponed earlier. Many fixture delays across sport have happened due to the virus including Ireland’s Six Nations rugby union international that was scheduled for March 7 was postponed and no new date confirmed.

In Asia, the Chinese Formula One Grand Prix in Shanghai, due to take place on April 19, has been postponed because of the virus while athletics’ World Indoor Championships, scheduled to take place in the Chinese city of Nanjing next month, have been held over until 2021.

From the look of things, the outbreak could also threaten the upcoming Euro competitions in June and the Tokyo Olympics, due for July.