Fresh kid's Father to release a song,
Fresh kid's Father to release a song, "Don K bwongo" is his stage name. Photo/New Vision

Fresh kid’s father Paul Mutabaazi has confirmed that he will release his first song after wrangles between him, son’s manager and promoter are settled.

In an interview with BBS telefayina, one of Uganda’s local television stations, Mutabaazi who claimed that his stage name is “Don K bwongo” said that he would love to show people how talented he is when it comes to singing.

Mutabaazi also confirmed that he will not be going with his son Fresh Kid for the Dubai tour but warned fans against criticizing his act noting that anybody would love to grow and develop in the right hands.

“I am not going with my son for the Dubai tour, I wish him well and as well I would love to tell the promoter to alert people about my absence so that they come in big numbers. You know I heard the fans were ready to boycott the show if I was to go with fresh kid,” said Mutabaazi.

“One thing I had forgotten is to tell Ugandans mostly fresh kid’s fans is that nobody would love to grow and develop without his parents’ love and support. Also, no one can look after your child better than you the parent,” he added.

Appropriately, he thanked Maama Fina for the support rendered towards him and admitted that she (Maama Fina) agreed to pay for his travel ticket to Europe even if it meant reaching UGX 10M.

“I want to thank Maama Fina for sacrificing to pay for my ticket to Europe even if it reaches 10 million. She also gave me 3 million to add to my business,” claimed Mutabaazi.

Meanwhile, Mutabaazi thanked Fresh kid’s manager for all the good things that have happened to him and his family in a very short spell but he blamed him for all this mess that has seen Fresh Kid tours delayed.

“I blame him for all these wrangles because if he had told the promoter about the contract we had signed then he should have sent us three tickets and not only two,” he said.

By John Dalton Kigozi