Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine
Gen Elly Tumwine accused of disrespecting the Committee of parliament

Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine accused of disrespecting the Committee of parliament meant to discipline him

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine generated anger among legislators who sit on the Parliamentary Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline where he was referred after accusing him of contempt of parliament.

Busongora legislator, Atikins Katusabe on the 23 of July 2019 accused Gen Tumwine on the floor of Parliament of demeaning parliament and person of the speaker after he attacked the Dokolo District Woman MP, Cecilia Ogwal with intentions of harming her.

Appearing on the Committee, where he had gone to defend himself Gen Tumwine again insulted the committee he had appeared before to defend himself over accusations’ that he attempted to assault Ogwal.

Gen Tumwine was then accused of disrespecting the committee that was supposed to discipline him and repeatedly reminding the committee of his contribution to the bush war, the same remarks he is being accused and investigated of.

“We cannot keep away from the truth, and if you feel so bad about talking about sacrifice what shall our children do if they are not told that kino kyekiseera mwetulina okulwana mubiseera ebyomumaso tufune emirembe” a song sung by those who fought the bush war.

Tumwine said for someone to be taken to the committee of Parliament on Rules, Privileges and Discipline, there should be an inquest, and critical analysis on how one is sent to that committee.

“This Committee should find out whether it’s fair. The other principles should be that those who allege should have the onus to prove. Before you do anything you must know where it came from, where it’s and where you want to take it,” said Tumwine.

Speaking before the Committee Tumwine reminded members that the peace and freedoms they are enjoying it because they fought.

“Those who accuse talking about sacrifice as an accusation should withdraw it, it’s not an allegation! It’s the fact and many of our colleagues who died many of our struggles, many of our efforts to bring democracy and enjoy this peace is not something that you do not want to hear. Whether you like it or you don’t want to hear it it’s the fact, hate it or love it but do not use it as an accusation,” Tumwine said.

Nevertheless, Hon Theodore Ssekikubo MP Rwemiyaga County told Tumwine that the struggle they fought should not be used as a justification for his wild behaviours’.

“But you say you fought, as a justification for your actions. Hon Gen for that you fought for it’s well admitted and understood but again it’s not good to fight,” Ssekikubo said.

The video recording on a parliamentary CCTV footage clearly showed Gen Elly Tumwine assaulting and threatening the Dokolo Woman Member of parliament, Cecilia Ogwal.

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According to Ogwal, Gen Tumwine directed a loud shout at her that includes pointing figures at her.

“It was very clear, the way Gen Tumwine walked towards us, there was an obvious display of anger and fury, he came and directed his loud shout at me and pointed at me. He did not come to greet me but to attack. Since then, my blood pressure has been going up and I am on medication,” Ogwal said.

Besides, Ogwal accused Gen Tumwine of tampering with the CCTV footage at parliament with clear intentions of destroying the evidence in this assault case.

Responding to the allegations Gen Tumwine said that the committee did not give him enough time to file his response to the claims.

“I need time, I would want us to have all the facts that have been put on the floor, I want all that was said and even said hear, but I have the facts,” Tumwine said.

He adds that he cannot give his response before the committee on the accusations’ before he gathers facts on the case.

“I have just listened to the terms of reference, I have written them down, I cannot respond to them before I go back to the facts. It’s up to him (Katusabe), let him prove,” Tumwine added.

The Committee Chairperson, Clement Ongalo Obote Kalaki County legislator then postponed the hearing to Friday 2nd of August 2019

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However, the Committee has only two weeks to report the investigation result to parliament for debate.