reliable electricity in uganda
Steady Progress: Gov't assures Industrialists of reliable electricity to aide their work

Industrialists to be supplied with reliable electricity after the government completes and commissions it’s Power Stations under construction

The Uganda Electricity Transmission Company is on the move to construct new power Sub-stations across Uganda to add up to the existing Stations.

This include; Karuma Power Station generating 600 megawatts and Isimba Power Station generating 183 Megawatts to boost industrialisation in the country.

After their completion, industrial parks will be supplied with reliable electricity which has been a challenge to industrialists in Uganda.

Reports say Nanmave Power Sub-station will offer extra 189 megawatts, Mukono 189 megawatts, Iganga 80 megawatts and 120 megawatts from Luzira power Sub-station.

Engineer Mark Namungo, Project Manager at the Uganda Electricity Transmission Limited, manufacturers will face no more power difficulties after the Stations are commissioned.

“This Sub-station is 80%, by the time we commission it, this Sub-station is going to be commissioned before the end of September. So, by the time we commission it, already 80% of the transformation capacity here is going to be consumed,” Namungo said.

Project Manager UMEME, Harrison Atwine says that there’s increased demand for power by industries because the industrial sector in Uganda is growing at a high speed.

“We have already installed the artificial lines that are going to be serving the customers in Mukono area and Lugazi,” Atwine said.

With Karuma coming in there’s an increase of about 1800 megawatts, but right now one factory demands about 40 megawatts and if you are going to have like 10 factories all of them demanding 40, 50 to 60 megawatts as they increase demand will rise, according to officials.