Who is Guchi?
Who is Ugochi Onuoha aka Guchi?

Who is Guchi? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, early life, education, family, music career, fashion, songs, collaboration with Rayvanny on Jennifer and Sweet, the net worth of a Nigerian Afro-pop singer.

Guchi is an emerging Nigerian Afro-pop singer, songwriter and entertainer. 

Her ticket to the mainstream market was a song entitled “Addicted”. It was released in 2019 and currently has 1.5 million views on Youtube. It is also available on streaming music platforms worldwide.

The record was produced by fast-rising producer Sifusounds. Currently, Gunchi is signed under the management of PG Records Entertainment.

Early Life of Guchi

Guchi’s given birth name is Ugochi Onuoha. She was born on November 5, 1997, in Kaduna State in Northern Nigeria. 

However, she was raised by her parents in the nation’s capital which is Abuja. After her formative years, Guchi relocated to Lagos. This is where her love for Afrobeat music was developed. 

And her journey towards a music career started.

Guchi is the second of four children in a family of 6 including her parents. Both her parents are of Igbo ethnicity. Her exposure to music was through her father. 

The Onuoha patriarch is an avid fan of the great “King of pop” Micheal Jackson. This ushered the young Guchi to get into the path of music. 

Guchi recalls that one of her earliest performances was at a birthday party. The family event was for her grandfather who requested the children attending to sing. Based on the singer’s memory, she was the only one bold enough to take on the challenge. 

The soon to be artist sang a song she recalled from an animated movie of Barbie. As she confidently performed, her innate talent began to unfold. From then on the young Guchi recognized her liking for music. 

At age 7 she began to participate and sing in a church choir. This went on until her teenage years. The accumulated experience made Guchi develop her vocal skills as a singer. This passion for music is also fully supported by both her parents. 

The singer notes that from childhood to the present her mother and father stood by her side.

songs guchi biography age
She started off her music career in Lagos where she signed up with Media Viva Productions Company (MVP).

Guchi’s Educational Status

Guchi received both primary and secondary education in Abuja. She was initially enrolled in Edo State University in Ekpoma. But due to her goal to establish a musical career, the songstress had to withdraw and transfer to Lagos. 

Guchi still pursued university studies after moving to Lagos. Taking a part-time schedule, she is currently enrolled at the University of Lagos. 

Guchi is pursuing a degree in the Department of Theatre and Media Arts. It is a study very related to her current career. Guchi is diligently balancing work and studies, a very admirable feat worth noting.

Music Career

Guchi started off her music career in Lagos where she signed up with Media Viva Productions Company (MVP). This label is owned by the well-known broadcaster Mr Israel Edjeren. Guchi was the first signed artist to represent the label

By April 2019 under MVP records, her debut single “No Be Jazz” was released. It was produced by Beats by Jay and mastered by Mixed Master.

Guchi states that “No Be Jazz” represents the old kind of love. She believes that women should not be blinded by money. While men must not only be after sex in relationships. 

The song’s inspiration was her mother who in good and bad times exhibited steadfast love. The single aims to promote that even if things are challenging, trust and love must emerge.

Guchi later on in 2019 left MVP records and moved to PG Records Entertainment. Under this label, her hit song “Addicted” was released. It had a captivating rhythmic vibe which was produced by Sifusounds. 

The official music video released also featured Broda Shaggi the comic Instagram star, as the leading man. The song gained a lot of attention and fans.

After the success of “Addicted”, Guchi introduced another song entitled “Closer” in May 2020. This song is a part of her first EP album “I am Guchi”. The album consisted of 5 tracks and was released in October 2020. 

The album aims to showcase her African roots and still add in a diverse new flavour. Guchi hopes that the work will unite people to celebrate goodness and life.

Guchi’s genre of music is vast ranging from High-life, Afro-pop, R&B and Dance-hall. As an entertainer, she also possesses strong originality. It can be observed in her creativity of making songs and awesome music videos.

When asked if she has other preferences besides music, Guchi responds that she cannot imagine herself doing anything else.

Guchi Songs

  • No Be Jazz (April 2019)
  • Addicted (August 2019)
  • Jennifer (Feb 2021)

 “I am Guchi” EP Album song list (October 2020)

  • Closer 
  • American Love
  • Joro
  • Peri Peri
  • Hello

“Jennifer” by Guchi conquers YouTube and Tik Tok

The song lyrics of the catchy song “Jennifer” is infused with Igbo dialect that represents Eastern Nigeria. It is a language significant to Guchi since she is of Igbo descent. 

The tune is available and trending in TikTok. Numerous fans have supported it by posting their videos online. They all creatively expressed their interpretations of the famed song.

The strong presence in TikTok led many new fans to the song’s official music video. As of date the official video of “Jennifer” directed by Gorilla Boy, has 15 million views on Youtube.

guchi ft rayvanny jennifer youtube
Jennifer” was remixed, where the famed artist Rayvanny sang with the young singer.

Guchi Collaborations

Guchi is fortunate to have collaborations with established Tanzanian singer Rayvanny. He is one of the biggest music celebrities that represents East African Bongo Flavor. 

The lists of collaborated songs are:

  • Jennifer Remix by Guchi ft. Rayvanny ( 2021)
  • Sweet by Rayvanny ft. Guchi (July 2021)

“Jennifer” was remixed, where the famed artist Rayvanny sang with the young singer. A sincere heart flowing verse was introduced in the new version. 

The project turned out well and gathered great success. It has been streamed and played on various music platforms. The song is uploaded to Guchi’s official YouTube account and has 1.5 million views.

The two got to work together again with the single entitled “Sweet”. It is a melody that talks about the essence of love. The song is under the label, Next Level Music where Ravanny is also a CEO and founder. Interestingly the tune features both English and Swahili languages.

Guchi has also expressed interest in collaborating with more artists. The names she had mentioned are fellow Nigerian singer-songwriters: Burna Boy, Kizz Daniel, Tiwa Savage and Davido.

Guchi’s Similarities with Simi

Guchi is complimented that she is similar to another Nigerian artist named Simi. As much as the young singer is flattered, in her opinion the two of them have a different sound. 

Guchi deeply admires Simi and wishes to establish herself as a senior artist.

Guchi Awards and Citations

Guchi is just starting her music journey. But as early as now she is receiving awards and citations. Listed below are some of her achievements:

  • Next Rated Female Artiste (Abuja Indigenous Awards)
  • Best Female Artiste in Abuja (Prestige Entertainment)
  • Ambassador for National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

As an Ambassador For NDLEA, Guchi is involved in an intense campaign to stop drug addiction. 

The agency is hopeful that by the participation of influential youths like Guchi, more will be aware of the cause. It is essential to do so in order to secure Nigeria’s future.

Guchi’s incredible Bold Fashion 

Guchi’s sense of style is very modern, edgy and youthful. She likes to try on bold hues on both wardrobe and hairstyles. The combinations suit her well in whatever look she carries. She has beautifully coloured her hair a few times and managed to nail the look.

In terms of hair length, she has done a variety too. During “No Be Jazz” Guchi sported short hair. While in “Jennifer ” and “Sweet” she is crowned with lustrous long purple hair. 

She also went for brown hair during her “I am Guchi” era. It can be seen in the music video of “American Love.” She also has stunning photos of her stresses in blonde and red.

Makeup is also something Guchi is interested in. She expressed her liking to it by uploading a make-up tutorial on her YouTube channel. 

The 6 minutes and 20-second video showcases how Guchi achieves her natural look. Starting from placing the foundation to attaching her eyelashes off camera. The beautiful artist has revealed to the world her cosmetic applying prowess.

Her view on Fame

One of the challenges an artist faces when achieving success are scandals. These negative stories are not a priority in the singer’s mind. 

She considers her music and personal life separate. With an optimistic point of view the singer cites, if people talk about her, it can help her popularity.

Guchi’s Social Media Presence

Guchi has a number of social media platforms the includes:

  • YouTube “Guchi”: 22.4 million views and 260k subscribers
  • Instagram “@officialguchi” : 292k followers
  • Twitter: “@officialguchi2“: 995 followers
  • Facebook “Guchi official”: 1676 followers and 1536 likes.

The number of her admirers are continuously rising every day. Based on her success and influence Guchi is estimated to have a net worth of $200,000.

Guchi is young and promising. She is continuously harnessing skills and perfecting her sound. We all will be anticipating her future works and growth. As the songstress aims to always feature songs with purpose and meaning.