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planet fitness tanning beds types

Planet Fitness tanning beds offer you the perfect way to achieve a stunning bronzed glow. Thanks to advanced equipment and knowledgeable staff members, you’ll have no trouble achieving your ideal golden hue in no time!

Black Card memberships provide you with unlimited sessions in tanning beds. However, you must adhere to certain safety guidelines in order to protect your skin from any damage.

Is Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Right for you?

planet fitness tanning beds


Planet Fitness tanning beds emit UVA and UVB rays that mimic sunlight, causing your skin to tan. However, this could be hazardous for your skin so it’s best not to use them too frequently.

These machines also emit concentrated light (up to 26 times the amount of sunlight). Overexposure can be a serious danger, so it’s essential that you take precautions!

Planet Fitness tanning beds come with disinfectant spray and paper towels to clean them before and after usage, but users often don’t wait for the disinfectant to dry completely.

Despite these safety measures, some members still worry about the cleanliness of tanning beds. They claim staff rarely cleans their equipment themselves, leading to beds becoming very dirty over time.


Planet Fitness tanning beds offer a convenient alternative for those who don’t want to venture outside. Furthermore, they provide an opportunity to unwind after a strenuous workout.

However, they are not without shortcomings. Members complain about staff not cleaning beds properly, leading to an accumulation of dirt.

They caution that due to lack of maintenance on these machines, their bulbs may burn you if left in bed for too long.

Avoid burning in a tanning bed by understanding your skin type. 

Some types of skin tan more easily than others, so it’s important to determine which is suitable before using these devices.


Planet Fitness tanning beds offer the perfect way to achieve that sun-kissed tan without having to step outside in the heat. Plus, with staff monitoring these machines 24/7, you can rest assured knowing your safety is being taken care of.

Furthermore, the sessions are timed so you don’t need to worry if you accidentally doze off in bed. The machine will automatically stop working when its allocated period has elapsed.

Tanning creases can also occur while lying in bed, so it is beneficial to switch positions frequently.

Hygiene: Most branches require customers to tidy up after themselves before and after using tanning beds. Unfortunately, some individuals fail to do this properly and oils accumulate on the bedding.

Burning: Some members have reported that the bulbs in tanning beds need replacing periodically. If not done, it may cause burning in certain branches.

Planet Fitness tanning is an excellent way to keep your skin looking healthy and bronze all year long. The gym provides stand-up tanning beds and tan booths for members to choose from, with staff always happy to assist in selecting which option is best suited for them.


Planet Fitness members enjoy access to tanning beds at all of their locations. Their modern equipment uses UV and infrared rays for that gorgeous bronze hue.

To minimize skin damage, it’s best to adhere to the recommended time limit when using a tanning bed. Furthermore, ensure you drink plenty of water during your session and exfoliate before applying lotion.

Planet Fitness staff is knowledgeable about all safety procedures, so you’re prepared for your tanning session. Plus, they’ll set you up with a timer so you can stay in the bed for the prescribed amount of time.

What Makes Tanning at Planet Fitness Safe?

planet fitness

Tanning at Planet Fitness is perfectly safe as long as you follow the correct guidelines. Wear protective eyewear when entering the tanning bed or booth and they’ll even give you a timer to indicate how long to remain in the machine. They guarantee your safety!

If your skin is fair, start with a few shorter sessions and gradually increase the time spent tanning bed or booth. Don’t get sunburnt if you don’t use sunscreen before tanning or stay too long in the machine.

Some branches may require you to show your Black Card key fob to staff members before using beds and booths. They will scan it into their computer to keep track of your usage, and won’t allow more than one tanning session per day unless they believe your session has been long enough.

Planet Fitness offers three main types of tanning beds: traditional lay-downs, uprights and spray tans. Laydowns tend to be the most popular option as they’re more relaxing while soaking up UV rays for a natural-looking tan.

In some areas, high-powered mixed bulb bronzing-tanning beds are available that will darken your skin quickly. Unfortunately, these beds have the potential for other damage as well; they may cause premature skin aging and some people even develop skin cancer from repeated exposure.

What Are the Rules for Tanning at Planet Fitness?

In 2015, Planet Fitness used to offer unlimited tanning to all their Black Card members. That policy was changed after they were fined for failing to warn customers of potential skin cancer risks associated with using their tanning beds.

Now they have agreed to train all employees responsible for providing tanning services. In some branches, you will be directed by a designated staff member as to how long each session should last.

Planet Fitness recommends wearing eye protection if you are concerned about UV rays from tanning beds. This is essential, as not taking precautions could result in serious injuries and high medical bills.

Safety first! When using a tanning bed, the best way to prevent burns is by changing positions frequently. Doing this will prevent pressure points from forming on your body which could cause uneven tanning.

Avoid using tanning beds more than once per week (not consecutively), and wait 36-48 hours between sessions. Excessive tanning can cause your skin to overproduce melanin, which could lead to serious issues like melanoma or burns.

Planet Fitness clubs may offer spray tans, but they are not as powerful or lasting as tanning beds. Be sure to check the duration before using them for your next tanning session.