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Indoor Games Stadium Makerere university
Indoor Games Stadium construction works resume at Makerere University

Makerere University in cooperation with the UPDF Engineering Brigade has resumed their construction works to ensure completion of the Indoor Games Stadium.

With almost a year after the incomplete structure was used to host the 2018 3rd FISU World University Netball Championships (WUNC), the University has embarked on the second phase of construction to ensure completion for this 5.57 billion shillings project.

The facility which is expected to have a 3000 seater pavilion with offices, washrooms, parking space and properly constructed access roads were supposed to be completed last year, but it delayed due to issues attributed to limited funds

Although it was incomplete by then, the facility still hosted the WUNC that took place on the 17th – 21st September 2018.

The WUNC tournament saw hosts Uganda edged favourites South Africa in the tournament’s final to win the trophy.

Brief History – Indoor Games Stadium

The Indoor Games Stadium was supposed to be completed last year, however, due to delays, an incomplete structure hosted the 3rd FISU World University Netball Championships.

As the hosts for the 2018 WUNC, Uganda embraced and accepted the proposal to host the competition-beating England, Namibia and Jamaica.

Earlier in June 2018 Makerere University where the facility was supposed to be constructed approached the President, Yoweri Museveni seeking support in line with hosting 12 international netball teams, Museveni in return gave a directive to the army to construct the court.

A week before the tournament, the organizing team (UPDF Engineering Brigade) was working under intense pressure. With 2500 professional engineers, its personnel had to work three shifts every single day to try and beat the deadline.

Due to this, the UPDF Engineering Brigade that was contracted to construct the facility failed to complete it in time and hence ended up presenting an incomplete structure for the games.

Since the closure of the one-week tournament, there had been no clear evidence of any further constructions commencing.

By John Dalton Kigozi