Irene Ntale biography
Who is Irene Ntale?

Who is Irene NtaleFlash Uganda Media looks at her biography, songs, music career, awards, nominations, collaborations, Education and Background of a Ugandan recording artist

Irene Ntale is a Ugandan recording artist, singer, songwriter and a guitarist. She sings various music genres including reggae, RnB, zouk and acoustic soul. 

Ntale broke through the industry after getting signed to a Ugandan record label Swangz Avenue and she is behind songs like Stay with me, Gyobela, Bikoola and many more hits. 

She later left Swangz Avenue and got signed to Universal records of Nigeria. She was once the campaign ambassador for the Red Card to the drunk driving campaign by Uganda Breweries Limited.

Early life and background 

Irene Ntale was born in 1989 at Mengo hospital and she was born to the family of George William Ntale and his wife Robinah Kamya Ntale

Ntale grew up from Ntinda but her home village is Masaka and she comes from a family of only girls but with stepbrothers. Ntale didn’t grow up with her father and she faces a challenge of blending in with men since she didn’t grow up with any single boy within the family.

Irene Ntale went to Kitante primary school for her primary then she joined Kitante for her secondary education was finished her O level from. 

After her O level, Ntale joined Makerere High, now Migadde College for her A level and during her time at school, it’s when she started singing. Irene Ntale then joined Kyambogo University where she pursued a Bachelors degree in procurement and logistics.

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Irene Ntale started singing in a church
Irene Ntale started singing in a church choir of Victory City church Bukoto.

Music career 

Irene Ntale started singing in a church choir of Victory City church Bukoto and it was during this time that her three other friends opened up a small band within the church. 

She learnt to play various instruments in church but she decided to concentrate on the guitar. Ntale was in her senior 4 and she was 16 years of age. Irene started going around various studios and she became a studio backup artist. 

Ntale says she spent most of her time at Fenon records of Steve Jean was she was doing various radio jingles. She also backed in Bob wine’s song for better for worse.

Irene Ntale was given night at Emin Pasha Hotel to perform every Wednesday evening and she could perform for one and a half hours. Ntale used this opportunity to promote herself and she could also invite people using the salary she was paid. 

It was through this night that Swangz Avenue got to know about Ntale and they signed her up in 2013. This was after the passing away of their first signed artist Sera.

After joining Swangz Avenue, Ntale was given a music writer known as Zulanda who wrote her first breakthrough song under Swangz and it was called Stay with me. 

Zulanda also wrote a reggae song called Love letter which was a collaboration between Ntale and Bebe Cool. Originally the song was done by Ntale but since she needed a push the management decided to bring Bebe Cool on the song. 

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Irene Ntale later released Gyobela which was also another hit and this song put her to the next level. 

Ntale later collaborated with Radio and Weasel and released a song called Bikoola. Ntale later held a concert at Sheraton and after the concert in 2017, she quit Swangz Avenue.

Universal music records 

After quitting Swangz Avenue in 2017 Irene Ntale started making visits to Lagos Nigeria, it was later rumoured that Irene was negotiating a deal with Universal Music Group and in august 2019 she signed with the record label. 

The company posted a welcome message to Irene Ntale. She later released her first single under the record label titled Nyamba a song in her local language.


  • Hipipo Music Awards, Best female breakthrough artist, 2013
  • Buzz teeniez awards, Best Female artist, 2014, 2015
  • Buzz teeniez awards, Best RnB artist, 2014
  • Hipipo Music Awards, Best zouk song, 2014


  • AFFRIMA Awards, Best Female East Africa, 2015
  • Uganda Music Awards, Best Female artist, best music video 2017

Irene Ntale Songs

  • Gukuba, 2018
  • Kabugo, 2016
  • Nyamba, 2019
  • Olindaba, 2016
  • Gwe aliko, 2016
  • He go down, 2016
  • Guluma, 2018
  • Stamina daddy, 2017
  • Miss Kateteyi, 2018
  • Gyobera, 2016
  • Every way, 2020
  • Stay with me, 2016
  • Nzenna nzenna, 2016
  • Kikomando, 2016
  • Ono omwana, 2016
  • Onkubira, 2020
  • Remote control, 2015
  • Nkole mpakase, 2015
  • Eno ye sawa, 2016
  • Turn up, 2020


  • Bikoola, Irene ft radio and weasel 
  • A love letter, Irene ft Bebe cool 
  • Pen and paper, Irene ft Ray signature 
  • Addiction ft Bebe cool
  • Easy ft Bebe cool
  • Post me ft Mr Eazi 


  • Sembera
  • Sukaali
Irene Ntale dated Ray Signature
It was rumoured that at one moment Irene Ntale dated Ray Signature who was her songwriter.

Personal life

Irene ntale is still single and she is not married and she doesn’t have any child of late but she has been linked to various city men

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In early 2017 Irene Ntale left Swangz Avenue on unclear reasons. News then started making rounds that she had left because Swangz had signed her manager Vinka to also start singing. 

According to some inside sources, Irene didn’t like the whole idea of signing Vinka and she looked at her as a new competitor, a rift developed and both stopped Seeing Eye to eye and Ntale ended up quitting the label. 

Irene later attacked her former bosses on her twitter account. Music critics say this was a wrong decision Irene made to quit the label and no wonder she is no longer among the favourite Divas in the music industry. 

After leaving Swangz Irene replaced the label with her sister Sandra who turned out to be her manager.

At the peak of her music career, people started accusing Irene Ntale of being an Illuminati and that she had sacrificed her aunties to get the fame. Ntale came out to refute the reports and she put five million if anybody had evidence and could prove the claims.

Ntale has also been involved in controversies of dating fellow musicians. It was rumoured that at one moment Irene Ntale dated Ray Signature who was her songwriter but Irene came out said all these claims weren’t true.

Irene Ntale is also accused of over drinking and getting wasted which critics say that this has affected her music and performance.