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String cheese is one more part of dairy products and one of the healthy diets as well by having it in moderation. Unlike other dairy products, it contains more nutrient content per serving. 

Proven one of the best sources to get proteins, vitamins, carbs, and minerals in one pot only. There are different types or versions of string cheese depending upon the nutritional values to opt on your choice and body requirements. 

Let’s have a close look at the nutritional information, benefits, and ways to use string cheese.

Nutritional information of string cheese

As string cheese is full of health benefits some of its nutritional contents are mentioned as cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, proteins, vitamins, calcium, calories, fats, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, selenium, fiber, and B12. All of these nutrients make it full of health benefits.

Major health benefits of having string cheese 

As sting cheese is obsessed with a lot of nutrients some of the health benefits that could be enjoyed by using string cheese are:

Bone health

There is an adequate amount of calcium and B12 in string cheese which helps a lot in our bone health by increasing their density and reducing the risk of fractures and cavities. According to medical measures, about 90% of the total calcium of our body is present in bones, and taking sting cheese helps a lot in their absorption. Having them on regular basis reduces the risk of osteoporosis by a significant level. As 196mg of calcium is present in preserving a string cheese that is enough to fulfill your daily calcium needs.

Red blood cells formation 

A deficiency of some vitamins and minerals could cause adverse effects on the body like when the level of vitamin B12 declines chances of getting anemia, a condition in which normal production of red blood cells stops, enhances to a particular level. That could be reversed only by the intake of required vitamins by medicine or diet. String cheese is one of the best options to have it at an adequate level and maintain the normal production of red blood cells.

Weight loss 

String cheese is also proven as a balanced diet for people who are striving for weight loss. As it is filled with high protein content blood sugar level remains maintained and the process of digestion in the stomach and intestines is delayed for a while. Your craving to eat minimizes and could work on weight loss. It is one for those people who want to keep away from a daily heavy intake of fat but balanced energy level.

Support Immune system 

Selenium is present in string cheese in trace amounts but has a profound effect on health. It works as an antioxidant. It reduces the number of free radicals in our body and gives adequate support to our immune health. By having such a kind of healthy diet the body can resist a lot of diseases on its own. B12 present in string cheese also makes our immune system strong and the capability of the body to attack pathogens increases.

Decreases inflammation 

There are different kinds of fats are present in string cheese and one of them is conjugated linoleic acid. That is well known for weight management in the body and vanishes inflammation of every kind. Moreover, it is also proven good to manage your heart health if it is being used at a modern level.

Role in Cardiovascular system 

String cheese is a good snack for your heart health as well. The level of fat and cholesterol is minimum in it which makes it best for those who find some risk of strokes or some arteries functioning. Moreover, the level of blood pressure also keeps maintained by its use which promotes our heart health as well. Finally, it is the best diet ever if kept in moderation.

Types of string cheese 

In cheese, there are two major varieties as string cheese and mozzarella cheese. But a lot of features of mozzarella cheese are the same as a string and a lot of people considered mozzarella as string cheese as well. As some stringy quality is naturally present in mozzarella cheese. One more observation is snack cheese. It is found in flavors from cheddar to mustard with milk.

Why string cheese is stringy 

It is an intimidating fact that the formation of string cheese and the way of is processed makes it stringy only. In the gateway of making it is pulled simultaneously by an auger and heated at 200 degrees at the spot. At this given temperature it comes some variations in bacteria and their functioning that make it stringy.

How to make string cheese at home? 

It is possible and a very easy process to make sting cheese at home. For The ingredients being used are mozzarella, steaming water, and rubber gloves. A stepwise process is also mentioned to make it as:


  • Before starting put your cheese in a pot by adding water to it. Start by adding in cold water and let them melt first.
  • After that Start it and let it boil for a while. As it is done take the cheese out by using a fork or some kind of spoon as well.
  • Continue stretching the cheese and wait to have them hard. It might take a few seconds to get your desired consistency.
  • In all this process is it good to have rubber gloves to avoid cheese stuck to your hands?
  • When cheese is stretched well stop the process before breaking them out. And repeat the process for all the ones.
  • Also, fold the cheese and adjust the length you want to have. These could also be rolled by using a stick to have it from a smoother side.
  • As these are finished place them in the refrigerator by keeping them on a plate. Now that could be cooled at room temperature as well.
  • Your delicious string cheese is prepared that could be used whenever.


What is the difference between string cheese and mozzarella cheese?

String cheese is mozzarella cheese that is based on their formation of them.

Give nutritional information on string cheese.

Its nutritional contents are cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, proteins, vitamins, calcium, calories, fats, and saturated fat.

What are the benefits of string cheese?

It is good for bone health, heart health, immune system, bones, weight loss, and the formation in red blood cells.