Kasuku Kuku Wazabanga
Who is Kasuku Kuku Wazabanga?

Who is Isaac Daniel Katende? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, education, parents, Work and Experience plus family of Kasuku Kuku Wazabanga.

Isaac Daniel Katende alias Kasuku Kuku Wazabanga is a radio and TV personality at Dembe FM and Spark TV where he hosts a morning show called Twezimbe with colleagues such as Kaima Shafic and Ruth Kalibala. 

Kasuku also hosts an entertainment show called Talk and Talk show that airs every Saturday at Dembe FM with Edward Ssendi and Jenkins Mukasa as panellists. 

The motor-mouthed presenter is perhaps the most controversial, stubborn, uncensored and arrogant media personality and most people compare him to the former Presidential Secretary Tamale Mirundi. Kasuku has now been in the media for ten years and he runs a website called Big Bang news and a YouTube channel called Kasuku Live.

Kasuku – Education and background 

Isaac Daniel Katende alias Kasuku was born in February 1989 in Kampala at Mengo Hospital. At the start of his education level, Kasuku attended Mugwanya Preparatory School Kabojja which is a catholic and a single school. 

During his time at the school he was once a choir leader, altar boy and because of the character of the Brothers and Reverend Fathers at the school Kasuku at his tender age wanted to be a priest before he joined secondary.

After his primary Isaac Daniel alias Kasuku joined St. Mary’s SS Kitende from senior one to senior 4 and Kasuku says he faced a challenge since he had come from a single school and joining a mixed school in secondary school was not going to be an easy journey. From St. Mary’s he joined standard high Zana for his A level where he sat for his UACE exam.

According to the controversial journalist he was supposed to study and he had registered but during his senior six vacations some unfortunate events happened and he had to change course. Kasuku decided to join UMCAT school of Journalism and Media where he studied journalism and achieved a diploma. 

Why Kasuku?

A Kasuku is a quite a talkative bird and Kasuku says during his time at UMCAT they had a drama group called Kasuku but in the 2010 bomb blasts its founder called Brenda passed away and has been a good friend of his, he decided to pick up the name and carry it on in memory of her.

Another reason why he chose Kasuku it’s because Kasuku means a parrot and it reports everything it has seen.

Kasuku joined the Red pepper as an entertainment news writer
Kasuku joined the Red pepper as an entertainment news writer.

Isaac Daniel Katende alias Kasuku – Work and Experience 

When he graduated from UMCATKasuku joined the Red pepper as an entertainment news writer and this exposed him more to the celebrities who wanted him to write about them. During this time he connected with his friend called Ibra k Mukasa also a gossip presenter at Star TV and they started a gossip show in 2010.

In 2011 Dembe FM was still under a city tycoon Patrick Bitatule and in process of rebranding the FM station, he poached one of Uganda’s best program directors known as Joel Isabirye who was currently at Beat FM. 

Joel says one evening he was watching Star TV after he had joined Dembe FM as a PD and he saw a young talented man known as Kasuku who caught his eye the way he was doing the celebrity gossip stories.

Joel Isabirye contacted Isaac Daniel Katende alias Kasuku and convinced him to join Dembe FM after joining, he started his radio career. A few months after joining Dembe FM Joel and Kasuku came up a concept of a show that was supposed to discuss and dissect all entertainment issues. 

The idea came at the time when the Goodlyf crew had a hit song called Talk and Talk and that’s how Joel and Kasuku came up with a Talk and Talk show. The show started in July 2011 and it revolutionalised the music industry.

Later Dembe FM was sold to Aga Khan and it was put under Nation Media Group which later opened up a station known as Spark TV and because of the interesting nature of the morning show called Twesimbe the management of Spark TV decided to also start broadcasting it live and this gave a chance to Kasuku a chance to start his TV career since the show was to air both on radio and TV. 

When asked what he enjoys best between radio and TV Kasuku says TV is more demanding than radio he added that before joining TV he could spend a night at a bar and around 4:00 am he could drive and pack at the station and wait for his show to start without first going home but TV requires you to be sober and to look fresh.

In 2018 Kasuku was nominated for the post-Vice President in the Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) but never got a chance of winning. Of recent, news has it that he wants to join politics and run as a youth Mp in the Central region.

Kasuku recently went back to the university and he is pursuing a Degree in Psychology and when asked why he took up that course Kasuku said the media and entertainment industry both lack critical thinkers. 

Kasuku says people like Omulangira Ndausi, Peter Kibazo inspired him to join the media.

When asked about his character of arrogance Kasuku said that he is ok with it and he does not care and he says people brand him like that because he decided to go hard on the unprofessionalism that existed in the industry back then and decided to challenge the status quo. 

Kasuku started Talk and Talk show
Joel Isabirye and Kasuku started Talk and Talk show.

Kasuku’s best moment was when he won his first award and that was in the 2013 Radio and TV Academy Awards.

Isaac Daniel Katende – Family

Isaac Daniel Katende alias Kasuku Kuku Wazabanga is a father of two kids’ boy and a girl and he says that he is married but not officially.


In 2012 Daniella AtimChameleon’s wife attacked and slapped Kasuku when he said that Chameleon’s Seguku house was going to be taken by a bank because of failure to pay a bank loan. After this incident, Kasuku reported to the courts of law and the matter was sorted out of court.

In 2014 Kasuku was involved in another controversy and it happened a centenary park when the Sitya Loss hit maker Eddy Kenzo went physical on him. 

At the time Eddy Kenzo was preparing for the Sitya Loss concert that was going to take place at Kati Kati grounds so he decided to hold a press conference and address the media during his address Eddy Kenzo accused the media of being unprofessional and biased which didn’t go well into Kasuku’s mind Kasuku responded by also accusing musicians of being unprofessional. 

He gave an example of Eddy Kenzo who paid him when still at Star TV not to play Big Eye music who had just left Eddy Kenzo’s group, Big Muzik, on hearing the fury artiste jumped on to the tables grabbled the journalist punched him the history. They later sorted their matters but visibly the rift still exists. According to Kasuku, the Eddy Kenzo incident is one of the worst experiences since joining the media.

Like how Billy Ocean said in his 80s hit titled Going Gets Tough, the media journey hadn’t got tough for him until 2018. In 2018 while doing his morning show Kasuku said that Mowzey Radio was going to die if he didn’t change his character this came to reality when Mowzey Radio was involved in a bar brawl and later passed away on 1st February 2018. 

Ugandan musicians started accusing Kasuku that he was involved in his killing because of his utterances a few months back before he passed on. 

When the rift started Kasuku told all those accusing him of what he said to put their middle fingers at work and this annoyed most of the Ugandans artists and through there association the Uganda Musician Association they came up with a petition urging the general public to sign it so that Kasuku is fired from his radio and TV job. 

Isaac Daniel Katende Kasuku Biography
Kasuku Kuku Wazabanga is a father of two kids’ boy and a girl.

Among the people urging the general public to sign was Frank Gashumba another controversial guy. Luck enough Kasuku’s bosses didn’t fire him and Kasuku retained his job. Kasuku said the most thing that hurt him was seeing those he took to be friends also signing the petition.

The latest has happened this year and to be specific this month when a former NTV presenter and a socialite Sheila Gashumba went bare knuckles on him saying he was the first person to take the motor-mouthed presenter at Serena Hotel. Kasuku has not responded to the allegations but said he no longer involves himself in childish battles.