MPs attack First Lady over she cranes
IT'S UNFAIR: MPs attack First Lady over UGX1million shillings token of appreciation to She Cranes players

She Cranes is not worth UGX1million shillings, MPs launch fresh attacks on First Lady, also education and sports minister, Janet Kataha Museveni

MPs have raised concerns about the poor funding for the She Cranes that finished 7th in this year’s netball world cup in Liverpool and also earned automatic qualification to the next world cup in South Africa.

These concerns have come up after the First Lady, also education and sports minister, Janet Kataha Museveni gave each netball player UGX1million shillings, as a token of appreciation.

Yet the men’s football team that only reached the last 16 of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations tournament received extremely more funds – President Museveni rewarded the whole group including officials with a cash token of one million dollars (shs3.7 billion).

Following this, MPs have raised concerns, questioning the government’s interest in women’s sports.

According to Hon. Rose Mutonyi (NRM, Bubulo County West) the facilitation was unfair and it displayed that women are still undermined in society.

“The facilitation for the ladies was very poor. Female issues are still underrated,” said Mutonyi.

Hon Sandra Alum Ogwang (UPC, Oyam district) and also the captain of a netball team in Parliament has called on the government to render more support to the girls in sports.

“In the era of gender equity, as the captain of a netball team in Parliament, I would like to see more support given to the ladies just like it is the case with the men,” said Sandra Ogwang.

“The way the She Cranes were treated was not right. This should not continue, policies have to be respected,” said the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Aol Betty Ocan before adding that such occurrences portray gender inequality.

However, Hon. Tom Aza Alero (NRM, West Moyo County) has called for unity between the government and FUFA adding that funding is not the problem.

“The problem is not funding. The Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) receives adequate funding from government and even corporate organisations. There is a need for cohesion, cooperation and unity between FUFA and government,” he said.

Furthermore, Hon Denis Hamson Obua (NRM, Ajuri County) has also called on the government to consider rendering support to sports teams in time to avoid strikes.

“Why wouldn’t we prioritise where we have a comparative advantage in the world. We need to fund these various disciplines in time,” said Hamison Obua.

Meanwhile, following the Uganda Cranes’ strike in Egypt concerning issues of unpaid allowances, Hon Jack Wamanga Wamai (FDC, Mbale Municipality) has stated that this incident could have been avoided if the government had planned for the players before they travelled.

“Why wait till the last moment. That embarrassment could have been avoided,” Wamanga claimed.

By John Dalton Kigozi