Introducing Jiji Uganda

There is no better online classified service than Jiji for selling things to actual people in Uganda.

To sell things to real people in Uganda, Jiji is the best website to use. It is one of the most comprehensive and secure websites for online classifieds in Uganda. 

Jiji gives you a straightforward, hassle-free way to sell and purchase practically anything.

How to purchase anything on Jiji Uganda?

  • Utilise the search panel and filters to find what you need. Choose what you’re looking for from over a million advertisements on Jiji Uganda.
  • Call the seller on the phone or chat with them on Jiji. Discuss all the specifics and bargain over the cost of the item you want to buy.
  • Meet the vendor in a secure area, and make sure to pay the seller only after receiving your item.
  • Give the seller your feedback. Tell Jiji about your purchase. Your comments will be made public on the seller’s page, which will be very beneficial to other purchasers. Your feedback will also help Jiji Uganda to create a respectable and safe business environment.

How do I sell my products on Jiji Uganda?

How Jiji Uganda works (1)
  • Register on Jiji using your phone number and email (or do it via Facebook or Google). Make sure your phone number is entered correctly so that your clients can call you.
  • Take pictures of your product. Use your smartphone to take some pictures. Ensure that they portray your item as best as you can.
  • Select the appropriate category on Jiji Uganda, add your images, and create a descriptive title and comprehensive description for your product. Set reasonable pricing, choose your attributes, and submit your ad for evaluation by the Jiji administrators!
  • Respond to your client’s calls and texts. Your advertisement will appear on Jiji a few hours after it has been sent to moderation if everything is in order. When your advertisement gets up, Jiji Uganda will notify you. 
  • To sell your products professionally, you should consider signing up for Jiji’s Premium Services.

Tips to increase your sales on Jiji

  • Take quality pictures of your products and create clear, thorough descriptions.
  • Don’t make your customers wait for days to receive a reply to their questions. 
  • Use the premium services on Jiji Uganda to attract 15 times more clients! You’ll sell more quickly and your ads will be at the top of the page! 

How to access Jiji Uganda

You can use get access to Jiji by visiting the website or downloading the Jiji mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.