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Who is Joseph Muvawala?

Who is Joseph Muvawala? Flash Uganda Media looks at the biography, early life, age, education, marriage and family of the Executive Director, National Planning Authority (NPA) and current Busoga Premier.

Joseph Muvawala is a Ugandan economist and the Executive Director, National Planning Authority (NPA), a semi-autonomous agency under the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Busoga Premier and Chief Country Economist at African Development Bank.

Early Life and Education

Joseph Muvawala attended Makerere University from where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Social Administration, a Master of Arts in Economic Policy and Planning and a PhD in Economics.

Work and Experience

Muvawala has professional experience of over 20 years in development practice and policy formulation, both at the middle level and top management.

Joseph Muvawala is the Executive Director of the National Planning Authority, a semi-autonomous agency under the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. 

In this capacity, Dr Muvawala is charged with developing integrated development plans for Uganda. 

In addition, Muvawala is responsible for managing and handling complex deliverables related to various sectors of the economy. 

These include sustainable financial and socio-economic development, evaluation of Government programmes and policies, development of the National Development Plans and monitoring their implementation, advising the Executive on economic policy direction for improved economic growth.

Muvawala has experience in evaluation principles, standards, processes, and methodologies, including a demonstrable understanding of state-of-the-art evaluation theories and practices. 

He has provided technical oversight of the evaluation of Government programs such as the Universal Primary Education (UPE), the Decentralization programme, Mid-term and End of Term evaluations of the National Development Plans (NDP I and NDP II), various Government projects, Country Strategy Papers, Donor Country Strategies, among others.

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In addition to serving as the Busoga Kingdom Premier, Mr Muvawala is the Chief Country Economist with the African Development Bank Uganda.

Earlier during the 4th Annual Economic Summit held at Serena Hotel, Kampala under the theme: Mobilizing Domestic Resources for Growth with Jobs, Muvawala threatened to resign his position over the government’s continued failure to implement the Authority’s plans.

According to the Authority’s boss, they spend 80% of their time planning and only 20% implementation is performed. 

He then stressed that it’s time the government started considering the economy seriously by investing in Uganda’s taxpayers.

Muvawala is the Busoga Kingdom Premier and the Chief Country Economist at the African Development Bank Uganda.