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Jumia Uganda Hosts Its Annual Vendor Conference to Prepare for Black Friday 2021.

To prepare sellers for the big event of the year, Jumia hosts its vendor conference ahead of Black Friday 2021.

The Jumia vendor conference takes place ahead of the Jumia Black Friday 2021 to prepare sellers for the biggest event of the year. 

Many sellers in Uganda have adopted e-commerce and are using online platforms to reach their consumers given the increasing adoption of the internet and smartphones as well as the growing need for convenience by consumers. 

‘’The Jumia Black Friday campaign is a way to show all the relevance of e-commerce. It is an opportunity for sellers to reach thousands of consumers all over the country and sell their products. We are happy to support them with best tips and practices so they can achieve this.’’ added Paul Tesar.

The conference was held at Hotel Africana and was attended by hundreds of sellers that were given training on the use of the e-commerce platform and tools by equipping them with the necessary training on how they can better manage their shops on the platform to give their customers the best experience and boost their sales.

‘’This has been a very useful session and I have gained a lot of knowledge on how I can use an online business to improve on my sales which had dropped significantly since the covid pandemic and nationwide lockdown’’ said Abdul a shop owner.

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The campaign will give sellers a great opportunity to reach new consumers as consumer appetite for Black Friday is growing year on year. 

They will gain from the increased visibility during the campaign and the growth in performance of categories like the daily essentials and consumer electronics that have become consumer favourites.

The Jumia Black Friday will run from the 5th of November 2021 to the 30th of November 2021 and it comes at a time when the nation is still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and curfew

This context has greatly impacted sellers in the country with most of them being unable to operate efficiently to follow the government regulations to control the spread of the coronavirus. 

About Jumia

We believe that technology has the potential to transform everyday life in Africa, for the better. We built Jumia to help consumers access millions of goods and services conveniently and at the best prices while opening up a new way for sellers to reach consumers and grow their businesses.

Jumia is a leading e-commerce platform in Africa. Our marketplace is supported by our proprietary logistics business, Jumia Logistics, and our digital payment and fintech platform, JumiaPay. 

Jumia Logistics enables the seamless delivery of millions of packages while JumiaPay facilitates online payments and the distribution of a broad range of digital and financial services.

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