Karuhanga threatens to Sue Parliament
Karuhanga threaten to sue MPs turning Parliament into a business arena. FILE PHOTO

Ntugamo Municipality legislator, Gerald Karuhanga threaten to sue Parliament over contempt of court

The Ntugamo Municipality legislator, Gerald Karuhanga has threatened to drag Parliament to court again for going against the court orders that blocked it from distributing the 10bn shillings to legislators.

Karuhanga says much as he’s receiving threatening messages from fellow members of Parliament, he and his team are determined to block legislators from turning Parliament into a business arena because no one is above the law.

“Because there’s no single person under the sun, that should defy a court order,” Karuhanga said.

This comes after Karuhanga and his colleague Jonathan Odur the Erute County legislator dragged Parliament to court last week for allocating its self 10bn with each member receiving a share of 20m Uganda shillings which according to them was unlawful.

Following the petition, Court issued an order stopping Parliament from dispensing the funds to MPs but in vain after the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga violated the court order saying the status quo must remain and asked the Parliamentary Rules, Privileges and Disciplinary Committee to discipline these errant legislators.

So, it’s in this regard that Karuhanga and his other colleagues are seeking a court redress again to charge Parliament with contempt of court.

“We have bank statements, we can show, I for one can show the time when we as Parliament we received this money. I will discuss with my lawyers indeed to carry out what is known as contempt of court,” Hon Karuhanga said.

Karuhanga says they want to ensure that all legislators return the money that was paid to them back to the consolidated fund.

Karuhanga donated 21 tons of maize in Ntugamo
Karuhanga donated 21 tons of maize flour, 200 litres of fuel to the Ntugamo District COVID-19 Task Force

Further, Karuhanga said despite the threats from fellow legislators; he’s determined to make MPs return the 20m Uganda shillings.

“This is more than sacking blood from Ugandans, at the time when they hit by this pandemic, very hungry, very broke,” Karuhanga said.

Karuhanga termed the entire move by Parliament as selfish because other legislators have no intentions of returning to Parliament and others think even if they run, they will not make it back to the House.

So, in this case, they want to use every opportunity to make much money as they can.

“And they have little hope for winning the coming elections and also it appears they look at this as an opportunity to make as much money as they can,” Karuhanga said.

The development came shortly after Karuhanga donated 21 tons of maize flour, 200 litres of fuel and a bull to the Ntugamo District COVID-19 Task Force and the health workers respectively.