Katumba Wamala shooting
Many believe that Gen Katumba Wamala was meant to die in this shooting. However, it didn't go exactly as planned. PHOTO/TWITTER

Gen Katumba Wamala was injured, and her daughter died in a shooting incident. The Joint Security Team is conducting investigations to identify the shooters. 

The Joint Security Team has begun investigating the assassins behind the shooting that killed two people including her daughter and injured Gen Katumba Wamala.

On Monday, social media was awakened by news of a targeted shooting that occurred at around 8:47 am- 8-58am along the Kisota –Kulambiro Road, Nakawa Division in the Kampala District.

The shooting which many believe was aimed at ending the life of the former Works and Transport minister, Gen Katumba Wamala however, didn’t go to plan.

Katumba survived death but was reportedly shot in the shoulders in an attack that left his daughter Brenda Nantongo and driver Haruna Kayondo dead.

Notable scenes revealed that four armed assailants riding on two motorcycles opened fire at the General’s vehicle along Kisota road near the Northern Bypass in Kisasi, a Kampala suburb.

A couple of videos and images making rounds on different social media platforms also showed distressed Katumba standing alongside his vehicle with arms filled with blood.

He was, however, whisked away on a boda boda to a nearby hospital where he was attended to. Katumba is currently at Medipal International hospital.

Meanwhile, in a statement dated 1st June 2021, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Paul Lokech said the fourth occupant, Katumba’s bodyguard identified as SGT Khalid Koboyoit survived with no injuries.

He said the assailants who were four in number were riding on two motorcycles with concealed number plates and they followed Katumba’s vehicle from the time it left his home in Najeera.

“This is the first major shooting since 2019 and we strongly believe it was a targeted and not random incident. The assailants trailed the motor vehicle as it left the home of Gen Katumba Wamala at Bulabira – Najeera, until when they reached at a remote location 4 Kms away along the Kisota –Kulambiro road,” Gen Lokech said.

“The assailants who were 4 in number were riding on two motorcycles with concealed number plates, pulled up next to Gen Katumba Wamala’s car and shot several bullets that instantly killed Nantogo Brenda and Haruna Kayondo.”

He, however, revealed that a team of experts from the directorate of CID and Forensic are thoroughly documenting the scene for traces of evidence. 

He said how the general was attacked was a planned move. He noted that although the attackers managed to escape from the scene, they have started findings to track them down.

“We consider such attacks as a form of organized crime, with a potential of extremism, aimed at undermining the prevailing stability. We are however, confident that we shall identify the suspects and take very resolute enforcement action against them in accordance with the law.” 

“And further warn those individuals and groups already drawn into these acts of terrorism, that we shall definitely track them down for further prosecution in the courts of law,” Gen Lokech revealed.

Katumba Wamala shooting
Many believe that Gen Katumba Wamala was meant to die in this shooting. However, it didn’t go exactly as planned. PHOTO/TWITTER

In addition, he appealed to any witnesses with surveillance videos to contact Kira Road Police on 0714667787 or 0714667789 indicating that any new developments will also be availed in due course.