Who is Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata?
Who is Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata?

Who is Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, husband, family, pregnancy, father, mother, relationship with Akram Gumisiriza, early life and education of the youngest widow of the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Baate.

Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata is an educational specialist, a mother, and the youngest widow of the late Muslim cleric Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Baate.

Early Life and Education 

Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata was born to Siraje Kiyimba and Fatuma Nakityo of Busukuma in Gombe, Wakiso District. However, she was raised by Sauda Nampiima one of her sisters in Lungujja, Rubaga Division.

Kulthum is a bubbly devout Muslim girl who’s very intelligent and beautiful since her childhood and speaks flawless English. She was beautiful and always wore her Hijab; covering her everything. 

Kulthum Nabunya attended Makerere University from where she graduated with a degree in Education in 2006, then a Master’s Degree in Educational Policy and Planning and later a PhD in Educational Management graduating in May 2021, in the University’s 71st Graduation Ceremony.

Also, Kulthum holds a Certificate in Administration Law from Law Development Center (LDC) and delights in her knowledge of sign language. 

Kulthum renders counsel to young married couples and empowers the youth to have a relevant education career.


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Kulthum, who married Sheikh Muzaata during her S.4 vacation, has a son with Muzaata.

Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata is the youngest widow of the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Baate who died in December 2020 at International Hospital Kampala. 

Kulthum who got married to Sheikh Muzaata in her S.4 vacation has a boy child with Muzaata. After her marriage to the late Muzaata, he continued her education up to PhD level.

One year after her husband’s death, Kulthum got Muzaata’s replacement, a South African based Ugandan Akram Gumisiriza. 

According to Kulthum, she accepted Akram because he is Muzaata’s look-alike from the eyes, height and appealing looks. 

However, many Ugandans criticized Kulthum for rushing into another relationship shortly after his husband’s death, and some claim Akram is not a genuine man, he is a fraudster.

Work and Experience

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Kunthum Nabunya graduated from Makerere University in 2006 with a degree in Education, then earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Policy and Planning, and a PhD in Educational Management in May 2021 at Makerere University’s 71st Graduation Ceremony.

Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata is the Director of Anwar Baby and Primary School. 

She’s also the Supervisor of Education Operations with Kampala Capital City (KCCA) Authority, mainly focusing on Quality Assurance in both Government and Private Nursery and Primary Schools.