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Bobi Wine Responds To Dr Besigye’s Earlier Claims That Democracy Will Not Unseat President Museveni
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Earlier this week when the government released a list of 14 regulations to govern and regulate the actions of artistes like comedians, guitarists, musicians and actors, artistes gathered at Munyonyo based resort Jahazi pier to find solution for these disturbing rules.

This event saw artistes like Eddy Kenzo, Bugingo Hannington, John Segawa, Messach Semakula and Catherine Kusasira and others meet to discuss these issues.

Kusasira to Bobi Wine: You Have Disappointed Us Who Sent You to Parliament
Kusasira during the meeting at Jahazi Pier

Under these regulations, artistes will not be allowed to perform at two different shows in one day, must get to record or release any song, quit drugs like marijuana and must get licenses from the ministry to allow them perform. During the gathering, some artistes like Eddy Kenzo, Nubian Li and others opposed the regulations while others like Catherine Kusasira and Bebe cool were in support of these regulations which Bobi wine, the current Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East constituency and popular musician referred to as stupid and cowardly laws meant to scare and suppress Ugandan artistes.

This tempted the bootylicious Catherine Kusasira who is currently nicknamed as the Minister of Condolencses in the NRM government to attack Bobi wine for politicizing the industry and his failure to represent well the artistes in parliament.

“We supported Bobi Wine to go to Parliament and that is precisely why I even sung for him during his rallies before he joined Parliament but I feel betrayed because he’s not doing what we wanted him to do.” Kusasira noted.

Kusasira’s attendance surprised many, going by the fact that she belongs to NRM and many had considered her an enemy to people power but Kusasira said that she’s an artiste first, before anything else.

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singer cum politician Bobi wine

When she was asked what she thinks of the new rules and whether they are directed to Bobi Wine, Kusasira replied that some of the rules would push the industry forward, contrary to what some people are saying.

Like before to other artistes, Bobi wine has remained silent after the attacks by Kusasira and he is currently in Washington DC meeting Ugandans staying in the United States after his successful music tour in Jamaica during the Rebel Salute music festival

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