Mable Precious Twegumye biography
Who is Mable Precious Twegumye?

Who is Mable Precious Twegumye Zake? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, family, TV career, Education and Background.

Mable Precious Twegumye Zake is a Ugandan, media personality, news anchor, television host, producer, broadcaster, a live commentator, public speaker, motivational speaker and documentary narrator.

Early Life and Education

Mable Precious Twegumye Zake attended Makerere University where she graduated with a Degree in Mass-Communication majoring in the broadcast.

Work and Experience

Twegumye began working while still at Makerere University pursuing a degree in Communication. She began her TV career at NBS presenting an entertainment show named Pundonor Magazine, a popular entertainment show.

Marble started her journey to fame when she brought the Pundonor Magazine under the act name Precious TM. She then changed from an entertainment presenter to a news anchor and current affairs person.

Twegumye changed from entertainment show host to covering politics and current affairs because she’s a versatile person who wants to try out other things. She shifted to news after realizing that she had excelled and achieved something in entertainment. 

“If I had skipped that chance to rock at entertainment, I would have felt incomplete and sad; however, I got the chance and nailed it. I am now focusing on bringing news to the people which is working.”

After crossing over to the news department, Twegumye changed her name from Precious TM which was her entertainment name to Mable Precious Twegumye Zake because her bosses did not buy the idea of her rolling on with the name, they preferred her real name and she’s happy with it. TM is an abbreviation of her name Twegumye Marble. 

Twegumye had always loved to work on the radio but things changed along the way and she’s a television presenter today. She anchors the Live At 9 news and hosts the People and Power programme that airs every Saturday.

In People and Power programme, Twegumye tries to impact on people’s lives out there by telling stories of different people that have made it in life and how they have made it.


Twegumye believes life is all about patience. If you are a patient person you will get to where you want to, but to her, it has always been a passion. “The passion that has driven me has seen me this far.

The people here at NBS TV too are amazing that’s why we are the best TV right now. This environment is good for anyone to work from because the people here are amazing.”