mc kats at bugembe church
MC Kats runs to Pastor Bugembe after escape from rehab. Photo/UGChristian News

After an escape from the rehabilitation now MC Kats finds ravage from Pastor Wilson Bugembe

Recently, many have been puzzled about MC Kats whereabouts after escaping from rehab where he had been held for a week, and now it has been reported that this NBS After5 host is at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s church in Nansana.

MC Kats said that the reason for his mysterious disappearance from the rehabilitation was due to the unbearable conditions at the centre that forced him to rush to seek Pastor Wilson Bugembe, the owner of the Worship House Church in Nansana.

In his speech at the Worship House on 19 January, 2020 MC Kats said that he wanted to inspire young people and more so those caught up in an endless and compulsive cycle of drug addiction.

Since social media has recently been awash with articles that have described Kats as emotionally unstable and mentally ill since he declared his health status, he has come out to speak about his stand.

“Many have branded me as one mentally ill but it’s not true. Am 36 years and have 6 children,” Kats mentioned while at Worship House Church led by Pastor Wilson Bugembe.

It’s hard for some people to come and disclose their HIV status to the public but Kats did, when asked why he revealed his HIV status, MC Kats said.

“It’s God who allowed me. For those who have grown up with me know about it. When I went to London, I don’t know why but all I did was crying during one show saying Thank you, God. After my return to Uganda, one NBS Uncut presenter asked to interview me. He intended to know why I

MC Kats Pastor Wilson Bugembe
Meet Pastor Wilson Bugembe, the owner of the Worship House Church in Nansana where MC Kats sheltered.

While speaking, Pastor Bugembe, who studied with MC Kats, explained how a prominent entertainment figure had once been a scripture Union Leader in high school for three years.

“Am saved and I’ve God at heart. I used to hear what you preached but I feared to turn up to church for fear of being judged, I have come because Born-agains are not mad. I want to do God’s will; I’ve land that has been idle for 7 years you can build a church there, “Kats said “n

“We’re going to pray with you, “Pastor Wilson Continued.

“Though rehab wasn’t a bad idea, Jesus loves you. I just wish you well and you were part of Scripture Union but slipped away. But now Jesus offers you an opportunity to return to Him today”

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