The State Minister of Works, Musa Ecweru

The State Minister of Works, Musa Ecweru has responded to questions linking to media dullness on ongoing killings in the Karamoja region saying that it is intentional.

Musa Ecweru, the state minister of works, has responded to questions relating to media dullness regarding the ongoing killings in the Karamoja region by saying that it is intentional.

Ecweru made the remarks while appearing on NBS TV on Tuesday, he explained that they do not want a situation where the media is exposed to some of the things in Karamoja because of the trauma they bring. 

“A mother was raped while her daughters were watching, and the mother watched as the cattle rustlers were raping her daughters. This must stop,” Ecweru explained.

He, however, rose to criticise the massive killings and said the government is doing everything possible to see an end to them. He suggested that they (the government) might look at organising small groups of home guards to help in safeguarding homes. 

“Additionally, they would be doing this because that is their home and not for financial reasons. I am not an expert in anything but a fairly critical stakeholder when it comes to issues of the country and especially the region where I come from.”

“If you want to take cows, why rape mothers? Why arrest and shoot an LC1 Chairman? Why uproot cassava from the gardens and leave it there?” he questioned.

This, however, comes at a time when for close to three months now, a number of images continue to make rounds on different social media platforms of Ugandans who are murdered in cold blood in the region.

Last month, the UPDF also recovered five dead bodies in Moroto District belonging to three geologists attached to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and two Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers who were attacked by suspected cattle rustlers in the Karamoja sub-region.

The geologists including one intern from Makerere University identified as Edna Musiime was killed alongside two UPDF officers who had accompanied them as they were conducting mineral mapping in the area.

Other victims were Richard Kiggwwe, the lead geologist and his colleague, Charles Olweny. They had been assigned to pick soil samples from Lokisilei village in Lotisan Sub County in Moroto District when they were suddenly attacked about 40 kilometres away from Moroto.

Speaking last week at the pass out of 6,237 Local Defence Personnel (LDUs) who underwent six months of basic military training at Oliver Tambo Military Training School in Kaweweta, Nakaseke district, President Museveni said the ongoing deaths in Karamoja caused by cattle rustlers are a small thing that will be dealt with. 

“The general security in the country is good. There are a few little things that are easy to deal with, like the cattle rustling in Karamoja, that will be dealt with. Then for the ADF in Congo, your colleagues are dealing with that,” Museveni said.