Sheebah Karungi's father is UPDF Lieutenant
Meet UPDF Lieutenant Swalich Nyakana: A man who claims to be Sheebah's father. Photo/Instagram

Meet UPDF Lieutenant Swalich Nyakana: A man who claims to be Sheebah Karungi’s father

UPDF Lieutenant Swalich Nyakana has been searching for his daughter for some time, and now he says she is Sheebah Karungi’s father.

On a visit to the Vision Group offices, this army man sought help to communicate with the singer Sheebah Karungi, whom he called his daughter and his aunt, whom he called Maama Karungi.

This quest came in the time when Sheebah was famous, but Lt. Nyakana promises that he’s not after her fame and wealth, she simply wants Sheebah to know her original biological roots.

Lt. Nyakana says that he was recruited to the army in 1980, where he spent five years in combat until he was released from the government of Lutwa and joined the Amy National Resistance.

He proceeds to narrate what had happened during that period, that he was one of the soldiers who had surrendered with a tank from Fort Portal before passing through Mbarara to Lwengo, where he met Sheebah’s mother.

At that time, she was staying in Kikoni, Masaka.

“We had a relationship and she became pregnant with Sheebah but shortly after we parted ways as I was deployed to fight in the liberation of Kampala,” said Lt Swalich Nyakana.

To be clearer, Nyakana said that the couple reunited in 1988 and by that time he was so excited to see his baby and the mother.

“I couldn’t take the baby home because I was living in Bombo barracks. I requested my elder brother who is also the father of Aisha Karungi to help me out,”

Lt. Swalich Nyakana narrates adding that his brother was then working with Uganda Transport Corporation (UTC). He drove Sheebah with her mother to their village where she was named Karungi.

“At home, she was named Karungi. I have no idea who named her Sheebah,” he wondered.

Nyakana said that from the village, the mother and her baby joined him in Bombo Barracks but unfortunately the family’s joy was short-lived because, after a few weeks, the Lt. was deployed to fight against Lakwena rebel group in northern Uganda.

“I am sure maama Karungi decided to move on because of the hard situations that surrounded us. I was always away. She could hardly bear it anymore, “Nyakana added.

Sheebah Karungi's father is UPDF Lieutenant
Meet UPDF Lieutenant Swalich Nyakana: A man who claims to be Sheebah’s father. Photo/Instagram

According to Nyakana, he continued to narrate that from the war; he was transferred to Kasijjagirwa barracks in Masaka in 1990. He recalls how he tried to trace for maama Karungi in vain. But as time went on he felt need to reunite with his child.

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The reason as to why the army man has decided to come out at such a time when Sheebah is a celebrity, Nyakana said that he wants his daughter to know that she has a father. And therefore he would also love to introduce her to another family back home in the village in Masindi district.

“I am pessimistic Sheebah might refuse to come to me, but let her know that she is a Musaiji from Nte (cow) clan and she hails from Masindi,” Lt. Swalich Nyakana confirmed.